Honor Watch 4

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HONOOR has recently introduced the HONOR Watch 4 to its wearable tech lineup. Priced at an RRP of £129.99, the smartwatch is now available for pre-order on the HiHonor website.

A Visually Captivating Display Encased in Elegance

A smartwatch is not just a device, but an accessory that complements one’s personal style while offering an array of handy features. The HONOR Watch 4 comes with a large 1.75-inch AMOLED Colour Screen, boasting a refresh rate of up to 60Hz, which not only ensures a smooth user interface but also provides a vibrant display for viewing messages and notifications. The always-on display feature is a nod to traditional wristwatches while offering a modern touch with a high touch sampling rate of up to 120Hz.

The watch is encased in a sleek 6-series aluminium alloy body with rounded corners, embodying a modern yet timeless design. The personalisation extends with a choice of two comfortable silicone rubber wristbands, ensuring a snug fit even during intense workout sessions. With over 300 exquisite watch faces to choose from, the HONOR Watch 4 offers a plethora of customisation options to suit different tastes and occasions.

Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier

HONOR Watch 4 Black 6

In an era where staying connected is imperative, the HONOR Watch 4 doesn’t fall short. The Bluetooth calling feature, after a simple pairing process with a smartphone, allows for seamless call handling right from the wrist. This feature is not just about convenience, but also about maintaining connectivity in a discreet and efficient manner.

The longevity of the battery life is another notable feature. With a 451mAh battery, the HONOR Watch 4 claims a maximum battery life of up to 14 days, reducing the hassle of frequent charging and ensuring the smartwatch stays functional, mirroring the user’s lifestyle pace.

Your Workout Companion, Now More Insightful

The HONOR Watch 4 is not just about passive notifications; it’s an active companion for fitness enthusiasts. The integration with the HONOR Health app provides a detailed breakdown of calories expended, showcasing the grams of fat burned, among other insightful metrics. It goes a step further by estimating the user’s Fitness Age, giving a straightforward assessment of one’s fitness based on performance.

The underpinning technology, an Optical Micro-lens Array paired with AI algorithms, diligently monitors heart rate, providing timely alerts for any detected abnormalities. Besides heart rate, tracking capabilities extend to stress, oxygen saturation (SpO2), sleep quality, and menstrual cycles, making the HONOR Watch 4 a holistic health and fitness companion.

Colour Options, Pricing, and Where to Get Yours

The pre-order for the HONOR Watch 4 has commenced, available in two aesthetically pleasing colours – Gold and Black. The smartwatch, priced at £129.99, intertwines elegance with functionality, making it a worthwhile consideration for individuals seeking a reliable, stylish, and feature-packed wearable.

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