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In recent years, more and more homeowners have been falling in love with smart home technology. While smart home tech can revolutionize your life at home, it can also become quickly overwhelming when you have countless remotes for all your new devices. This is why companies like Savant Home Automation have engineered advanced home automation systems that make it easier to control all your smart home tech from one centralized control system. Who ever said that smart homes have to be complicated?

Here, we’re taking a closer look at what Savant Home automation can do for you and your home. While reviewing the impressive list of features offered by this smart home tech, we highlight the security features and how Savant can not only make your home more convenient and enjoyable—but also safer.


Most of us have probably heard about smart home technology, but do we know exactly what this phrase means? According to Enginess, smart home technology refers to “basic home amenities that have been fitted with communication technology, enabling some degree of either automation or remote control.” Admittedly, smart home technology is a general term and can be used to reference a wide range of gadgets and devices.

Here are some examples of common smart home devices:

·                     Home entertainment systems.

·                     Advanced security systems.

·                     Smart lighting and blinds.

·                     Smart environmental control, like air conditioning and heating.

·                     Smart appliances (refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, or even smart vacuums).

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that you can make your home “smart.” In addition to collecting a variety of smart home gadgets, like a smart vacuum or smart blender, many homeowners opt to go all in with a complete home automation system. These systems, like Savant, can integrate all the smart home tech in your home and make it easier than ever to control all your smart home tech.


Home Automation Savant

Savant is one of the leading home automation brands in the smart home industry. With a wide range of advanced features, Savant allows you to integrate all of your smart home tech, making your smart home more convenient, enjoyable, and easier to use.

But what exactly can Savant do for your home? Well, take a look:

1.                  Smart shades: with Savant, you’ll never again get tangled up in your blinds or shades. With an easy-to-use remote, you can automatically raise or lower any blinds in your home with the Savant smart home system. Using your smart blinds to control incoming solar radiation can also help control the temperature and even save you on electricity costs.

2.                  Smart lighting: never worry about leaving the lights on again with Savant smart lighting. From home or on the go, you can control every light in your home. You can also take advantage of dimming options to help create a perfect atmosphere in any room in your new smart home.

3.                  Home entertainment: sit back, relax, and let a certified Savant Dealer create your ideal home theater experience. This smart home system allows you to integrate all of your entertainment devices and control them from one central control pad. This means you’ll never get confused by an endless array of remote controls again. Simplify your home entertainment so you have one less thing to worry about.

4.                  Climate control: save on time and your electricity bill with smarter climate control. Savant allows you to control and program your heating and air conditioning to ensure you’re not wasting resources. You can also control the air and heating in each room, which will certainly make every member of your family happy.

5.                  Home audio: home entertainment has never sounded better. In addition to your smart TVs and other devices, Savant can also sync up all of your home audio, improving your listening experience and making it more relaxing (and convenient) than ever before. You’ll also be able to control all of your audio systems from anywhere in your home.


In addition to all those high-tech features, Savant Home Automation is also renowned for its advanced security features. With HD cameras, motion sensors, and a smartphone app that allows you to check in on your house from anywhere in the world, Savant will give you unmatched peace of mind when it comes to your home.

Savant features an innovative entry service that enables you to communicate with all your entry points instantaneously. Even better, by using the Savant home app, you can access your front door, garage, gates, and side doors from anywhere in the world. Savant also features a two-way intercom for your front door that includes a wide-angle HD camera. This camera captures video that you can then later access so you’ll always have a pair of eyes on your front porch. Never worry about losing a package again with this advanced feature.

Savant home security also includes cameras with a night vision feature. Helping you feel more secure at night, this system can notify you when motion is detected outside. You’ll be sure to get a better night’s sleep with Savant Home Automation.


Smart home technology is rapidly changing how we spend time at home. With smart home entertainment, you can easily sit back, relax, and control all your entertainment from the palm of your hand. With smart lighting and shades, you can cut down on your energy bill. And with a Savant smart home, you can do it all with one home automation system.

In addition to making your life at home more enjoyable and convenient, Savant can also make your home safer. With HD cameras, night vision monitoring, automated door access, and more, you’ll feel secure knowing that Savant has your back when it comes to home security. Since home is the place for the people and things you love the most, shouldn’t home security be a top priority? With Savant Home Automation, feeling secure has never been easier.

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