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The Evowera Planck O1 is a smart sonic electric toothbrush that I wasn’t aware existed until recently. It looks like it was launched in January 2022, and the Evowera brand was founded in 2017. The Planck O1 appears to be the only product they have developed, or at least currently sell.

Outside of the two big brand names, this is one of the most expensive toothbrushes on Amazon, but it is also the most feature-rich toothbrush I have reviewed. So is it worth the price?


  • Size: 251.3mm * 28.4mm * 29.4mm
  • Weight: Handle 150g, Brush head 5g
  • Colour: Lyra Ivory, Space Black
  • Motor: hypermag industry-level permanent magnet synchronous servo motor
  • Clean frequency: 42,000 strokes/min
  • Water resistance, Dust proof level: IPX7
  • Charging mode: Wireless charging
  • Output: 3.3W
  • Battery life: 28 days with 3.5 hours of charge
  • Connection: Bluetooth

Design & Features

The basic design is like most electric toothbrushes with a long oval-shaped body and toothbrush head that slots onto a metal mounting point.

The build quality feels good, and this is rated at IPX7, which is about as high as it gets for consumer electronics, and it is shower safe.

On the front of the toothbrush, you have the select and the power button. The toothbrush wakes up as you pick it up then you can select one of the 6 modes.

Below the buttons is the full colour built-in screen that generates and displays a report after each use. It will also show the amount of remaining life for brush heads, battery capacity, and time. I quite like the brush head reminder as I am quite bad at replacing them when I should.

It can output 42,000 strokes per minute at only 42dB(A) thanks to what they call “hypermag”, an industrial-level servo motor fully developed by Evowera Labs with noise-reduction technology.

They also state:

This kind of servo motor is generally found in medical services, robotics and aeronautics, making this the first time that a company has successfully applied an industrial motor to an electric toothbrush.

The toothbrush comes with a USB-powered wireless charging dock, and you can thankfully use a QI charging mat to charge it as well. I always lose propriety adaptors for things like this, and this is an essential feature for me.

Mobile App

Like many brands, Evowera requires you to sign up for an account before you can use the app with the toothbrush, which is absolutely ridiculous. It also doesn’t fill me with confidence when the app has a misspelling for the United Kingdom. Then, just to make me more annoyed, when I first tried to register the app, neither the email nor SMS verification code was received.

[Update] Following my review, Evowera have confirmed they have fixed the problems with verification.

The app is reasonably important as it provides additional settings for the toothbrush itself. This includes selecting the hand you use for the mapping function.

You can change things like brushing duration and mark points on the mouth map to show sensitive spots, braces and other issues. The toothbrush will then intelligently go gentle in these areas.

You can then see your brush usage, which includes duration, coverage, amplitude, brushing time and force. Like most app-compatible toothbrushes, it is something I enjoy using at first but my usage quickly tapers off before I forget to use it at all.

In Use / Performance

It is difficult to judge the performance of a toothbrush, and there is no way to be objective about it.

It does seem to perform well, though. You have 6 cleaning modes, and when you activate a cleaning mode, you can increase the intensity with 10% increments. I always naturally select the white mode. The vibrations feel much smaller (more sonic?) than my Oclean, they both have the same RPM, but the Planck O1 seems like it is running at a higher frequency.

When you finish brushing, the display gives you a report showing the coverage of the top and bottom set of teeth.

The overall result does appear to have some improved whiteness, and the overall sensation of clean teeth is improved. I’d say the overall cleaning performance is a bit better than my Oclean.

Brush Heads

Replacement brush heads seem unnecessarily expensive. A three-pack in black is £23.

It seems like the brush head has the same mounting as Philips Sonicare, so you could alternatively use those, or to save money, one of the many generic branded options. You can pick up many 3rd party options for less than £1 per head.

My Oclean heads fit on it and work, but they only slot onto the very top part of the metal stem, leaving quite a large gap between the brush head and body. It seems to work fine, though.

Price and Alternative Options

The Evowera Planck O1 is available on Amazon for around £150. At the time of writing, this had a £20 off voucher available, and the lowest price Keepa has recorded is £127.

You have hundreds of choices on Amazon, either from the two big brand names or the hundreds of new Chinese brands that produce cheap toothbrushes.

I have been a fan of Oclean recently, and the Oclean X Pro Elite was my toothbrush before this. That cost just £68 on Amazon currently. It also brushes at 42000 rpm, but the brushing sensation feels quite different. It also pairs with an app and has an LCD touchscreen, but it lacks the high resolution of the Planck 01.

With Philips Sonicare, you have options ranging from around £40 to £300. The DiamondClean 9000 is currently £233. I have not reviewed it, but it has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, an app, two-week battery, but it lacks a display.

For Oral-B, you have the iO7, which is close in price at £150 and claims to use AI to recognise your brushing style and guides you to cover all your teeth, so you never miss a spot. Alternatively, the superior iO8 is £208, and the iO9 is £250.


I think the Evowera Planck O1 is an excellent feature-rich toothbrush.

In particular, it seems to offer more features for less money than Philips Sonicare or Oral-B. However, £130 is still a lot of money to spend on a toothbrush, and it could be a price hurdle that’s difficult to overcome when buying an unknown brand, especially when I experienced quality issues with the mobile app.

Evowera Planck O1 Adaptive Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review Rating


The Evowera Planck 01 is a good feature-rich toothbrush and excellent cleaning performance. While it is cheaper than Sonicare and Oral-B, it costs more than many other lesser-known brands, and some app-related issues shows the difference between stick with known brands vs new

  • Overall - 75%


  • More features and a lower price than Sonicare / Oral B
  • Subjectively, excellent cleaning performance
  • LCD display provides some useful feedback


  • Relatively expensive
  • App registration was required, which I couldn’t even get to work at first

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