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The mobile gaming phenomenon might seem like something relatively recent. But if we are honest with ourselves, for almost as long as we have had mobile phones, we have been using them for more than just making calls. In the earliest days, that meant a game of Snake, Tetris or Solitaire. And today, while the complexity, and choice of mobile games might have expanded beyond measure, it is all based on that fundamental love of gaming that we all share.

Mobile gaming is for everyone

The universal appeal of mobile gaming is what has driven it to become such a diverse market. Think of games and you usually think of things for kids. Yet mobile phones started out as “toys” for adults, and so the games have always had a similar angle to them.

These don’t just have a wider choice of games, but also offer a more advanced gaming experience, using tools like social gaming and even virtual reality to make the experience more engaging and immersive.

At the same time, the more traditional gaming types, such as first person shooters and driving games have also made the leap to mobile, and provide an experience that is almost on a par with a console or PC game. The question is, which smartphones are best equipped to handle the demands of modern gaming? Let’s find out.

iPhone X


The iPhone is what started the smartphone revolution, and while Apple products have not traditionally gone out of their way to target the gaming market, the latest offering has a lot going for it. This is a phone at the forefront of AR development, and the OLED screen is a match for anything. You also have the benefit of getting the first sight of some of the latest games – for example the much-heralded Fortnite for mobile was launched exclusively on the App Store at, while Android users are still waiting.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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Lennon or McCartney? Rangers or Celtic? The iPhone versus Samsung question has caused similarly heated debate over the years, and the Samsung is acknowledged to be as good as or even better than the iPhone. Samsung has exclusive access to the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, meaning that if you want the best Android for gaming, nothing else will come close. It also packs a punch with its HD10 graphics, and if you want to get fully immersed in VR, the headset is a must-have and is every bit as good as more expensive standalones like the HT Vive.

Razer phone

With the market leaders so good at what they do, most experts thought there was neither the need nor the market for a specialist gaming phone. Yet that’s what the Razer is, and its success has defied all expectations. It has the previous version of Snapdragon, but you wouldn’t know it – this is a phone that has been honed for gamers, with immense battery life and a QHD display that refreshes at 120Hz. For a silky smooth gaming experience, there is nothing quite like it on the market.

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