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Many games include a so-called ‘God Mode’ as part of their code. In short, this mode makes a player invincible. It’s been a staple of video games since the days of third-generation consoles, with several titles released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System boasting the feature. If you’re looking to hone your skills and join one of many established CSGO teams, enabling the god mode command is probably not a good idea. However, if you’re looking to mix things up and blast away to your heart’s content, this chaotic cheat is worth experimenting with.

God Mode Explained

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the god mode command essentially provides your character with unlimited health. As such, you won’t take any damage, no matter how much enemy fire you walk into. Unless you want to join the banned list, you should avoid using such commands in competitive gameplay. However, if you’re undertaking a friendly match fixture with no stakes attached, enabling the god mode command is worth trying at least once. You can turn the tables on a friend you’re playing against or trigger invincibility for training purposes. Without worrying about enemy fire draining your health bar, you can focus on other aspects of gameplay.

Using the CS:GO Cheat Console

God mode is just one of a huge number of CS:GO cheats you make use of. However, to enable them, you’ll first need to turn on the developer console. To do this, head to game settings and find the “Enable Developer Console” option. Hit “Yes” underneath this and you’re free to enable the cheat console whenever you desire.

You’ll also need to enable cheats before you can use any command. To enable cheats, simply type ‘sv_cheats 1’ into the developer console window. With the developer console open and cheats enabled, simply type ‘god’ to use god mode. Once you’ve had fun with in-game invincibility, you can disable the cheat by typing ‘god’ for a second time.

More Cheat Commands Worth Trying

Activating god mode is certainly fun for a while, but the novelty will eventually wear off. Thankfully, there’s a substantial number of alternative cheat modes worth experimenting with.

Tired of running out of bullets in the middle of a match? There are two different cheat codes you can utilize to enjoy unlimited ammo. Typing ‘sv_infinite_ammo 1’ will disable weapon reloading, meaning you’ll never encounter an empty magazine. Typing ‘sv_infinite_ammo 2’ also provides you with bottomless bullets, but still keeps the reloading mechanism of your equipped weapon.

Struggling to visualize bullet trajectory and impact location? Typing in ‘sv_showimpacts 1’ is worth trying if you want to get a clearer picture of where your shots are landing. Typing ‘sv_showimpacts 10’ will extend the amount of time these bullet impacts are displayed.

If you need some practice with the full arsenal of weaponry available in CS:GO, the ‘Give Weapon’ cheat code is the answer to your prayers. To activate this cheat, simply type ‘give weapon_’. After the underscore, you’ll need to write the name of the weapon you want to play with. Once the code has been input, your in-game avatar will be automatically equipped with your weapon of choice.

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