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Recently we had the opportunity to test Crucials memory upgrade service. The upgrade service is basically an automated way to be able to identify upgrade components that work with your current system. It seems to be quite a niche idea as I suspect most people that build their own system will already know what is compatible, but it will no doubt appeal to some people.

The actual process is extremely easy, you just go to the Crucial website (https://uk.crucial.com/)select scan your system, agree to the terms, download the scanner exe and run it. It then takes a few seconds to run and you will be given some basic information about your system and a list of products that are compatible with it. The components on offer are both memory and SSD drives.

The results page showed my current mother board (P55-GD65) as well as the memory installed per socket and overall, as well as storage with its free space, chipset and some basic info on the video card.  There are some useful PDF guides for installing SSDs and Memory.

Crucial kindly me out 16GB worth of Crucial Ballistix Sport which is DDR3-1600  9-9-9-24, this currently retails for £112.79 inc. VAT on the Crucial website and can be shipped for free using 3-5 day Royal Mail shipping.

The memory arrived well packed and installation was as simple as any other memory. I am not a huge performance geek, and the memory is rated at a similar speed to my old memory so everything should be running at the same speed. I am guilty of running a huge number of programs and browser Windows at any one time so it is a relief to have some extra memory.

Overall the experience has been great, but I do question just how many people will actually need it, if you are confident upgrading your memory I am sure you can work out what memory you actually need. The prices compared to other websites is around 10% higher too, but I think this could be justifiable as you are buying directly from the manufacturer so if you do have any issues I suspect it will be quite easy to replace the memory. If you do want to upgrade your memory and are not 100% sure what to pick then this is definitely a tool that is worth using.

You can use the upgrade service today by visiting https://uk.crucial.com/

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