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Pretty much everyone has a Smartphone nowadays and every single one of them is plagued by poor battery life, so it is no wonder there has been a huge growth in companies producing external battery packs to charge your phone on the go. We get requests to review packs weekly but don’t see much point in reviewing every single one. Today however we thought a quick review of the last couple we have been sent would be worth it.

The 2 devices are the RAVPower 15000mAh Deluxe External Battery Pack and the Proporta Stripe – TurboCharger 12000 Emergency Charger.


The RAVPower currently retails for £22.99 on Amazon and has 15000mAh charge plus dual USB outputs running at 2.1A + 2.4A. It also includes a mini LED flashlight. It weighs 456g which makes it a pretty hefty device that you wouldn’t really want to really want to carry around in your pants or jacket, but it would be perfect for a bag and when travelling in a car/train/plane.


The Proporta Stripe currently retails for £39.95 on the Proporta  website and has slightly less charge at 12000 mAh and the outputs are 2.1A & 1A. There is no listed weight for this product but it feels marginally lighter. It is also thinner but longer than the RAVPower so it is a bit more pocket able than the RAVPower but I still would not like to wear it in my pants or jacket.

Both units performed exactly as expected and charged devices multiple times relatively quickly. The Proporta website claims to be able to charge a iPhone 5S 7.5 times, iPhone 6 6.5 times, iPhone 6 Plus 4 times and Galaxy S5 4.5 times. We didn’t test it that much but I doubt you would get quite that much charge, but it should be plenty to keep you going for a couple of days.

Overall they are both great devices that do exactly as expected. The Proporta is more attractive and probably a little easier to carry around but it is nearly twice the price of the RAVPower. Therefore if you are just looking for a battery pack to throw into your bag or take on holiday with you I would recommend the RAVPower.

You can buy the RavPower here for £22.99

You can buy the Proporta here for £39.95

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