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Over recent years solid state drives have plummeted in price and with the launch of USB3, with its transfer rates of up to 480Mb per second, we have started to see a growing supply of portable SSDs.

The growth of this industry possibly fuelled by the trend of non removable drives in ultra portables, and the use of small drives in them. So if you are a frequent traveller with a lot of data to store then an external drive is essential, and SSDs offer far better performance than HDDs and arguably are now more durable then mechanical drives.

The SSDs are still pricey in comparison though, the Transcend ESD400K comes in 4 sizes, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB priced at £69.53, £113.93, £209.93, £421.32 respectively on Amazon.

Speeds are reported at 410 MB/s read and 380 MB/s write for the larger capacities, and the 128GB model we have in house is capable of 360 MB/s read and 160 MB/s write.

One of the first things you will notice about the Trancend ESD400K if you are moving away from mechanical drives is the size and weight of the drive. I would estimate it is around half the size of a traditional drive and possibly less than half the weight, making it much more convenient for regular travellers.

The real reason why we all want an SSD is the speed they perform and the Transcend does not disappoint, in our tests with Crystal Disk we tested a read speed of around 400MB/s read and 370MB/s for write speeds which should be more than adequate for anyone’s needs.

Lastly the drive also comes with a one touch backup feature, which does exactly what it sounds like and allows you to backup files and folders instantly using the small button on the case.

Overall this is a brilliant drive, it is extremely expensive compared to a mechanical drive, but this how much SSDs cost at the moment, prices have dropped dramatically in years and they are a lot more affordable than they used to be. If you want the best performance possible for your external drive then this is a must have.

You can by the Trancend ESD400K from Amazon today from £69 for the smallest drive, or £420 for the largest

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