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The Creative’s Aurvana Live!2 are a pair of reasonably priced no-frill headphones that include a detachable cable with in-line microphone.


The Aurvana Live!2 headphones come in a pleasantly plain design of either black-and-metallic model and black-and-red model. They are a circumaural (over-ear) pair of headphones which I found to be extremely comfortable for long periods of time. They are slightly plasticy, but at this price that is to be expected.

The detachable cable is always a great idea. While I don’t damage over the ear headphones nearly as much as in-ear ones, the possibility is still there through snagging and over use. So swapping the cable over should be relatively easy, if needed.

As with most headphones, you get a carrying pouch, which I always forget to use.

Overall the build quality of the headphones is good for something within this price range.


The original Aurvana Live were well reviewed for their pricing and performance, and it appears Creative have managed to maintain this level of quality with the successor. There is a decent level of bass without over delivering, it maintains decent levels of midrange and treble. Overall there was a good level of clarity throughout, they certainly performed well enough to justify the price/

There does seem to be a fair amount of sound leakage, so these may not be the best option on the quiet coach in a train, it is not that bad though, I happily used them in our small office without any complaints from my colleagues.

The inclusion of a mic is good, these make a decent cheap online gaming headset, and I found myself frequently using them for VOIP calls when in the office. Performance of the mic is more than acceptable.


While this are not ground breaking headphones, they are a solid choice for their price range. Performance is excellent all round, build quality appears to be decent, and both user and critic reviews online seem to agree.  The RRP is £99.99, which is what they still sell for on Amazon, but if you buy direct from Creative you can currently get them for £89.99

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