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I have been a big fan of the Samsung C49RG9 and its massive 49-inch panel running at 5120×1440. As I write for a living, it allows me to have two 2560×1440 windows snapped side to side, which is perfect for referencing things while writing.

However, it is still quite a rare resolution. Not only are the monitors expensive to buy, but that’s a lot of pixels to drive if you are a keen gamer.

C49RG9 wallpaper
via: Reddit

The unusual resolution means that good-quality wallpaper backgrounds are not as easy to find. Most websites will go up to 21:9 and 24:10 aspect ratio but not the 32:9 super ultra-wide that you need for 5120×1440. Depending on the photo you want to use, you can sometimes get away with either stretch to fit or cropping, but if it is a photo of something, you will often lose some detail.

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There are a couple of good websites to find wallpapers from though:

32:9 Super Ultrawide Wallpaper

This is basically just a WordPress website that posts images that you can use, when you click on the image, you will be taken to the post page, and you should be able to download either a 3840×1080 or 5120×1440 version of the picture.

There are plenty of good images to use, but it is a bit laborious clicking back through all the old posts.

When I browsed the site, most of the images were photos.

Wall Paper Cave

Wall Paper Cave has a page dedicated to 5120×1440 wallpapers. There are not loads of images but it is easy to scroll down and find one. A lot of these are digital drawings with a handful of photos.

Wall Paper Access

This site has a reasonably good selection that is easy to scroll down. I noticed a few duplicates from Wall Paper Cave. I guess all these sites end up posting duplicates.

Wall Papers Wide

I couldn’t find the correct resolution under the drop-down menu at first, but it is under Dual HD 16:9 Wallpapers rather than one of the ultrawide options.

It appears to have a large selection of images. There are 202 pages with 18 images per page therefore, it should be around 3636 images to choose from.

Flicker Gallery


A user created a gallery of 5120×1440 Wallpapers. Again, plenty of duplicates, but there are 286 photos to choose from

Steam Wallpaper Engine

You need to buy this app, but it is only $4, and it supports aspect ratios up to 32:9. I haven’t personally tried it, but it is worth giving a go if you can’t find something from one of the free options.

A lot of people love this app, so it seems to be well worth the money.

Featured image via Reddit

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