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Sudio is a Swedish brand that has a strong focus on developing fashionable looking headphones for both in ear and on ear. I previously enjoyed the Vasa Blå and today I have the Regent, which are over the head, on-ear headphones.

Priced at a reasonable £119 the Regent not only boasts a sleek ultramodern appearance but also allows personalization with custom designed interchangeable caps. The Regent uses Bluetooth 4.1 and claims to have 24+ hours of battery life.

The Regent headphones arrived nicely packaged in a thick good quality cardboard box. The headphones themselves feel very well made, in a basic but very attractive design.  The connecting band over the head is softly padded and the ear pads nice and comfortable, with the ability to move them up and down to get a good fit. You can fold up the ear pads for easier packing up. The outer part of the headphone has a removable skin that can be swapped out for different designs.

As always with Bluetooth headphones, set up is very simple, I just held the centre button on the headphones for a few seconds to enable pairing, then selected the headphones from the list on my phone.

The most important thing about a pair of headphones is the sound, and for the price, these are pretty decent. The bass seems well balanced, it is not excessive but there is still plenty for electronica and hip hop.

Mids and highs also perform well, there is no sign of tinniness or cutting off, and they seem quite well balanced with the bass.

Being a closed back pair of headphones there is a reasonable amount of sound isolation, as long as you are not listening to them full blast they should be quite usable in an office environment or when commuting. They are also quite comfortable to wear and I wore them for several hours without being bothered too much.

£120 for a pair of well-made Bluetooth headphones is quite reasonable, and based on the sound quality I think they make a great purchase.

You can buy the Sudio Regent headphones directly from Sudio at and they are also available on Amazon for £119.99

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