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Today, Cherry announced the new KW X ULP keyboard. This is an ultra-low profile keyboard that features the new Cherry MX ultra-low profile tactile mechanical switches which were announced last year.

Cherry KW X ULP keyboard Features

  • Ultra-flat Mechanical Keyboard: As aesthetically pleasing and slim as slim keyboards, yet mechanical – suitable for frequent typists, and programmers, in the office as well as for gaming!
  • Multi-device keyboard for up to 4 different devices: Two Bluetooth 5.2 channels, one 2.4 GHz wireless channel (each with secure AES-128 encryption) and one cable channel
  • CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE Switches: Exclusively manufactured in Germany, up to 50 million keystrokes, absolute precision and incomparable typing feel
  • Attractive white illumination of the keys and additional coloured LEDs for status and special keys (+ RGB LED in the CHERRY key for displaying the charge level)
  • Rechargeable: Detachable USB-A to USB-C cable for charging and operation in wired mode (keyboard is easily rechargeable even while in use)

I believe this is the second keyboard to ever launch with the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile. The £280 Corsair K100 Air was the first to feature this new key switch design.

Traditionally, low-profile keyboards like this would use domed rubber scissor switches similar to the Cherry KW 9200 Mini I reviewed last week. The overall typing experience of these keys isn’t quite as nice. They feel less responsive and need a full press to bottom out the keystroke. With mechanical keys, you only need to half-press before the key activates.

Cherry has stated that this has superior durability compared to rubber dome switches. The new Cherry MX ultra-low profile mechanical switches have a durability of 50 million keystrokes vs 10 to 20 million for rubber dome switches.

Cherry KW X ULP keyboard 3 1
Cherry KW X ULP keyboard 3

The new MX ULP Tactile switch used in this keyboard has the same characteristics as the existing MX ULP Click, including 65 cN operating force, 0.8mm pre-travel and 1.8mm total travel. However, this lacks the click sound making it quieter to use, which will be preferable in office environments. Cherry stated that this is similar to the Cherry MX Brown. ‘

The polling rate of the board is 1000hz making it suitable for gaming.

As this is aimed at power users and office users, it is a full-sized backlit wireless keyboard. It, therefore, includes the number pad and navigation keys. You get the usual function keys, and it has some basic media keys located above the number pad.

Cherry KW X ULP keyboard Announced

The backlighting isn’t RGB. It has white LEDs as standard, but some of the keys related to various functions have RGB to provide feedback on the functions enabled.

It has some of the thoughtful design features of the It has the same 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for reliable low lag connectivity, and the dongle for this is built into the keyboard itself and held in place with magnets.

It can then also be connected using USB-C, and it supports pairing with Bluetooth to two separate devices.

The keyboard has three flip-out legs, and it appears to provide a good level of incline for improved ergonomics and comfortable typing. The third leg helps avoid the keyboard flexing when you press some of the keys in the centre.

The keyboard has an RRP of £219.99/$249.99 but Amazon has listed it at £175.98.

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