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Cherry MX is a household name when it comes to gaming peripherals. The mechanical keyboard switches they produce are the gold standard in key switch technology, and all other companies have tried to replicate their quality and success.

Therefore it seems bizarre that the Cherry brand isn’t really well known for its gaming peripherals; surely the company that produces the best mechanical keyboard switches can produce an amazing keyboard?   

Cherry, as a brand, already produces a lot of excellent peripherals, including mice, keyboards, and headsets, and they recently launched a series of desktop microphones.

It also turns out that they already produce some amazing gaming focussed peripherals, but they have never really focussed on the Western market. Instead, they are well-established in China. Which is normally the opposite way companies work; most Western brands are desperate to break into China.  

Cherry has now decided to expand its target market to be more global, and to help them do that, they acquired the Swedish gaming brand Xtrfy (extra-fy), which is a reputable pro-gaming brand with a range of gaming peripherals, including mice and keyboards. The keyboards already used Cherry MX keys, so this was a logical way to improve brand awareness and market share.

Xperion gaming venue
Xperion gaming venue

To celebrate the launch of the new Cherry Xtrfy brand, I was kindly invited to the launch event in Cologne at the impressive Xperion gaming venue.  Cherry Xtrfy announced all the products that would fall under this brand and introduced us to some of the global teams and influencers they support as a gaming brand.

Cherry Xtrfy Gaming Family

CHERRY Xtrfy gaming brand

Recently Cherry Xtrfy welcomed the renowned French esports organization Team Vitality to the family; further family members include Norwegian esports organization HEROIC and Counter-Strike legend f0rest, who already worked closely with Xtrfy in the past in product development.

As far as the hardware goes, the gaming product ranges that Cherry already produces and the existing Xtrfy products will all be merged into the one Cherry Xtrfy brand. There are also new products being launched.

Cherry Xtrfy Product Range

CHERRY Xtrfy gaming brand keyboards

The newest product releases include: CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL WIRELESS, CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 COMPACT WIRELESS, CHERRY MX 3.0S WIRELESS, as well as the Xtrfy K5 keyboard series and the Xtrfy M8 Wireless mouse.

The core of all Cherry keyboards is the Cherry Advanced Wireless Technology and the Cherry MX switch technology. The Cherry Advanced Wireless Technology is a unique Low Latency-Mode (LLM) that allows for high-speed communications between PCs or laptops and their peripherals – sometimes winning the millisecond of difference between victory and defeat and making it the decisive advantage in competitive gaming.

Cherry Xtrfy K5 keyboard series

CHERRY Xtrfy gaming brand Xtrfy K5 keyboard

The Xtrfy K5 keyboard series excels through its 65% format, offering an extremely compact design, and is available in two pre-built editions or as a fully customized keyboard. The pre-built edition features red mechanical key switches, trusted by pro gamers for their light touch, fast actuation, and durability of 70 million keystrokes. It also features a new super-scan technology, scanning all keys every half a millisecond and allowing the keyboard to detect and report keystrokes even faster. The highly customizable K5 keyboard offers more than 150 product options through individually selected switches, keycaps, cords, frames, and logo plates.

Chery Xtrfy M8 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Xtrfy M8 Wireless Retro Hero 1600x800

The Xtrfy M8 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a top-class wireless gaming mouse with unmatched performance and a unique design. With its low front profile, the M8 Wireless is specially designed to provide better control and precision. Despite being wireless, with a 300mA battery, the M8 is Xtrfy’s lightest mouse to date. It’s also carefully engineered to keep weight down to only 55 grams without sacrificing durability.

Cherry MX 8.2 TKL Wireless Keyboard & Chery Xtrfy M8 Review Soon

Cherry was kind enough to send me away with a goody bag, including the MX 8.2 TKL Wireless Keyboard and the Xtrfy M8 wireless mouse. My review of these will be live in the next couple of weeks. I wrote up this post with the keyboard, and I am impressed with it so far. The build quality is exceptional, and the product packaging is very impressive, coming in its own hard protective case.

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