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I reviewed the 1080p OBSBOT Tiny last year and the Tiny 4K is largely the same but with a better camera.

These cameras are quite unique in the world of webcams. They both use a PTZ gimbal and AI, which enables the cameras to auto-track as you move around. This sort of technology is normally reserved for business-focussed conference cameras, which cost significantly more, so it is good that there is something that is more attractively priced for anyone that does virtual presentations regularly.

OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K vs OBSBOT Tiny Specification

Size ( without mount ):89.4mm x 58mm x 58mm89.4mm x 58mm x 58mm
Size ( with mount ):142mm x 58mm x 58mm142mm x 58mm x 58mm
Weight ( without mount )147g146g
Weight ( with mount )176g 175g
Max video resolution:4K@30fps, 1080p/60 fps,MJPEG, H2641080p/30 fps, MJPEG, H264
Focus Type:AF/MF?
Field of View86°90°
MicrophoneBuilt-in dual omni-directional mics with noise reductionBuilt-in dual omni-directional mics with noise reduction
2-Axis GimbalGimbal installation: Non-removable
Controllable range: Pan: ±150°;
Tilt: ±45°
Structurally possible range: Pan: ±160°;Tilt: ±90°
Max control speed: 120°/s
Gimbal installation: Non-removable
Controllable range: Pan: ±150°;
Tilt: ±45°
Structurally possible range: Pan: ±160°;Tilt: ±90°
Max control speed: 120°/s

The OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K isn’t just a 4K upgrade. It has improved digital zoom, thanks to the increased resolution. It then also has autofocus and HDR.

That might not seem like a lot of changes, but a webcam is mainly about the image quality, and 4K HDR with autofocus is a massive upgrade.


There isn’t really much as far as the set-up goes. The camera has a USB-C port and a DC port, but it should power by itself via USB-C.

Included with the camera is a monitor mounting clamp with a magnetic attachment. I have used the webcam with my laptop and also the Samsung C49RG90. The Samsung monitor has a sloped back, and I have had issues getting cameras to mount securely on it in the past, but this webcam has no problems.

On my laptop, the camera feels a bit bulky. I had to fiddle around with it a bit to get it into a secure position.

You will want to download the OBSBOT TinyCam to gain access to its full functionality.

Using the TinyCam app, you can also update the firmware.

March 2022 Firmware:

Last month, OBSBOT released a new firmware (v1.2.3.2) that appears to introduced some useful features:

1. Added [Face AE] function
2. Added [Noise Reduction] on/off function, allowing users to turn off microphone noise reduction
3. Added [Device Auto Sleep] function, improved sleep wake behaviour
4. Added [Screen Mode] switch function, able to switch to portrait mode
5. Retain [Preset Position] setting parameters



As well as being able to update the firmware, the TinyCam app gives you manual control of the camera and access to various settings.

Under the system settings, you can enable/disable the gesture controls, change the way it tracks you and configure the video and HDR.

In app controls allow you to control the gimbal directly and the zoom or switch on AI tracking. You can also set up preset positions for the gimbal.

In Use – AI tracking and hand gestures

I don’t particularly need a PTZ webcam as I generally sit still when I am on any video call. However, it does make life easier. There is no messing around with the camera placement. On my work PC, the camera is sat quite high up, and with when the camera switches in, the horizontal angle it faces just shows the top of my head, that’s it.

With the TinyCam app, I can either manually control the gimbal to face my head, or I can enable the AI tracking which will automatically follow my face. It might be excessive to buy a PTZ camera just for that, but it does make joining video calls easier. I normally find this process frustrating, between getting microphones and speaker set up, then aligning my camera etc.

Hand gestures work the same as the previous OBSBOT. As I tend to sit close to my PC, I prefer to use the app, but if you are standing up presenting something, then this could be very useful. An open left hand will enable/disable AI tracking, then making an L shape with the thumb and finger controls the zoom.

Image quality is good for a webcam. This has a Sony 1/2.8’’ sensor, which isn’t amazing considering phone camera sensors are getting close to 1”. Webcams have never had the best camera sensors, and I would say this performs better than average. Video quality is excellent in good light but there can be some white balance issues.

Price and Alternative Options

The OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K is priced at $ 269.00 Excluding VAT, when bought from OBSBOT directly. The 1080P model is $ 199.00 Excluding VAT

From Amazon UK, the prices are £239 and £149 currently. However, the 1080P model is currently on sale and is normally £199. Looking at Keepa, the product is discounted to £149 every few weeks and sells for £179 in between.

Similar to my previous OBSBOT review, there are not really any like for like alternatives. All the PTZ cameras on the market are geared toward commercial use in conference rooms and priced accordingly. For example, the  Logitech PTZ Pro 2 is over £500.

Alternative consumer options that lack PTZ would include:

Logitech Brio Ultra HD for £159 which has 4K HDR, 5x digital zoom and three different FOV options, 90°/78°/65°.

Anker launched the AnkerWork B600, recently. This is £184.99 has a 2K camera, built-in speaker and a built-in light with automatic brightness and colour adjustment.


Much like the previous OBSBOT Tiny review. This is an excellent camera with unique features that will appeal to anyone that could benefit from the PTZ features. With so many of us working from home now, being able to do virtual meetings or presentations without being retrained to a fixed camera is going to be hugely beneficial.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K Review Rating


The OBSBOT Tiny 4K has the same unique appeal as its more affordable 1080P variant. It is superb for anyone that does virtual presentations or meetings that requires you to get up and move around.

  • Overall - 80%


  • AI PTZ functionality is genuinely useful and an unrivalled feature from other brands.


  • Video quality is OK, with rivals likely offering superior video but no PTZ

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  1. Unfortunately the company Remo Tech Co., Ltd. (which stands behind OBSBOT) is not able to get their app that comes with their flagship product OBSBOT TinyCam 4K fixed to run with current version of Windows 11. This degrades the expensive PTZ camera to a non PTZ webcam which you normally pay 10 times less for than for the 4K OBSBOT TinyCam 4K.
    Their support initially answered fast but seems not to understand precise customer descriptions/issues.

      1. Yes, but the newest version as of March 14th. Can no longer give you the actual revision number as it does no longer start since the latest WIndows 11 updates as of April 13th. Unfortunately the REMO support for their camera first tries to “answer” with “hints” like “insert the USB cable the other way round” and such, although I already did state, that the camera does work, but their APP that controls the camera does no longer work. Since April 13th, it does start in the background and it is not possible to get it into the foreground. After severral messages they requested the typical “we only believe on videos”. But how to create a video that does not show anything. However I gave them all the details and finally they confirmed the bug. Since then, no more reaction from their side. As my buyer protection runs out, I am about to send back these banana-product to the seller. It really looked promissing in first place, but without any support to get their App running again it is no more worth than a 20 buck webcam. THat would be far to much of a loss.

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