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Logitech For Creators, a brand extension of Logitech that is dedicated to empowering all creators to pursue their passions, today announced  “Together We Create,” a platform that shares its vision of collaborating with creators to shape the future of creating together. “Together We Create” ladders up to Logitech’s global brand campaign DEFY LOGIC, which highlights the diversity of those defying logic as they work, create and play.

This integrated, multi-element, cross-platform campaign will come to life on digital, on social and IRL globally. The campaign starts today, with an anthem video and the launch of Logitech Creator Society, and followed later this month with the second annual Logitech Song Breaker Awards, which recognizes creators who helped propel artists and songs into the music charts through trends and dance challenges that they’ve created and shared on social media. Digital entertainer and superstar Bretman Rock will be hosting this year’s award show. 

“‘Together We Create’ is a collective call to action to shape the future of creating together,” said Erin Chin, Chief Marketing Officer of Logitech For Creators. “Logitech has the tools to help creators simplify the process of creation. Beyond that, it’s also about working together to celebrate creators, champion a community that elevates both aspiring and professional creators, and drive change for a more diverse and inclusive future. We make the tools, creators change the world.”

The platform is shaped by the insight that while creating has become more accessible than ever, in order to be successful and sustainable, creators need the right tools and support. “Together We Create” continues the brand’s commitment of putting creators at the heart of everything it does and its belief that all creators have the extraordinary potential to shape culture.

To illustrate the vision, the anthem video features creators across creative fields, social platforms and geographies, each connected through their passion for creating. The creators are singer-songwriter Chloé Stafler, game streamer Friskk, celebrity choreographer JaQuel Knight, social media star and entrepreneur Josh Richards, competitive gamer King Jae, pop culture and anime enthusiast Tatted Poodle and instrumentalist Pastel

All these creators are part of the new Creator Society, an invite-only, global community of creators who will be collaborating with Logitech For Creators as the brand’s creator voices. These ambassadors will work with Logitech to elevate and inspire the community through spotlights on why they create and co-develop programs to address creator needs such as gear, growth and mental health.

Friskk, on what “Together We Create” means to her, “Individually, we are single droplets but together, we are an ocean! Creating together means we’re learning and growing from each other’s knowledge, working towards common goals and driving innovation.”

Knight, on working with Logitech For Creators, “The most exciting thing about this collaboration is that we get to create a space for other creators that look and feel like me, while sharing similar values. Impacting, encouraging, and inspiring the next generation of artists and creators are all things I am deeply passionate about, and I am thrilled to be in a partnership geared toward learning from yesterday to create a better tomorrow for us all.”

To learn more about the campaign, the creators and products, go to #TogetherWeCreate.

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