Win a Cacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox scaled

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This last of my Christmas and New Year competitions. You can find the other two here:

This is a well-reviewed wired controller which I also enjoyed when I reviewed it.

The Pro Compact controller boasts a range of customizable features, such as: button mapping, adjustable sticks and trigger sensitivity and vibration motors.

Compact size, ergonomic shape and textured back surface provide superior comfort and optimal grip for all types of games, even after long gaming sessions.

It has an RRP of €49.90 but it is available on Smyths Toys for £25

Nacon Pro Compact Controller Review feature


  • Designed for Xbox – Officially licensed wired controller for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. PC compatible.
  • Universal ergonomics – 15% smaller than classic game controller to fit a wide range of hand sizes. Textured grip ensured comfort and stability during long gaming sessions.
  • Customisation at your fingertips – Pro Compact companion App available on Microsoft Store for Advanced game mode customisation – programmable buttons, stick settings and trigger sensitivity controls – like a true professional controller.
  • Dolby Atmos for Headphones – Unleash the power of Dolby Atmos on your games with the included activation. Download the Dolby Atmos App, plug your headphone to your controller and make audio precision your competitive edge.
  • Not Wireless: but has a long 3M cable

How to enter?

You will need to like/follow/retweet the following tweet and my profile:

The winner will be announced at some point on the 3rd of January 2022

UK Only.

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