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Garmin has a 2022 New Year New You promotion on with a couple of insanely good deals on.

The sales includes a wide range of watches and also bike computers, most of which have relatively small discounts that can be matched elsewhere online.

The two stand out options are the Gamin Instinct Solar and the Garmin Enduro. Both of these watches share a lot of features with the popular Garmin Fenix 6 series, and they are an excellent cheaper alternative to the Fenix.

Garmin Instinct Solar for just £96.

Garmin Instinct Solar discount

The Garmin Instinct Solar has options with a £223.99 discount taking it down from £319.99 to just £96. In my opinion, there is no other sub £100 GPS sports watch on the market that can compete with this.

With the Instinct Solar, discounts vary depending on the colour. With the standard edition, you only have 4 colour choices at that price. Most of the choices are a bit bright for my liking, but the blue looks good. There are then some other options with Camo, Tactical and Surf, these all cost a bit more at £108.

Apart from the design, there are some minor differences between the models. For example, the surf model has some tide data plus the surf activity profile. The Tactical has a special night vision mode, stealth mode, dual-position format, projected waypoints and jumpmaster mode. They are all very niche features which I don’t think many people would need.

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Garmin Enduro for just £240

Garmin Enduro Discount

The Garmin Enduro has a £559.99 discount taking it down from £799.99 to £240

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Garmin Enduro vs Fenix 6

The Garmin Enduro is an excellent alternative to the Fenix 6 series. As the name suggests, this is all about battery life and the smartwatch can last up to 50 days and potentially 65 days with the help of solar charging. The Fenix 6x Pro Solar only goes up to  21 days/24 days.

However, it has some big downsides. There is no WiFi or music storage. I personally don’t use the music features on my Fenix so it wouldn’t bother me too much. Though I do quite like syncing via WiFi as it can be handy when the Bluetooth app sync takes ages.

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  1. It was all a con. I ordered the garmin enduro. Initially I received an email saying there was a delay in processing order. Yesterday I received an email saying there was an error on their website and Mt order had been cancelled. I can’t believe they would con their customers in this way

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