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Smart homes have become all the rage. Whether you’re just wading into the waters or you’re looking to level up and integrate even more features into your home the whole idea behind a smart home is that it is more energy-efficient, it’s customizable and it provides you with useful features. For those who are ready to transform their house with smart lighting and unsure of where to get started, these five tips can help you figure out the basics.

Is It Compatible with Your Smart Home Device?

The first thing to be mindful of is whether or not the smart lighting options you’re considering would be compatible with your smart home device? Smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home may not necessarily work with every light out there. If you want true ease of use, to be able to control your lighting through the smart home device, they need to be compatible with one another.

Typically, the lighting specs will mention what smart homes it works with, but when in doubt be sure to ask or do your research.

Does It Require a Separate Hub?

For these lights to work, many use a hub. The hub is what controls the smart lights. What this means is that you need a separate piece of equipment, which is an added cost. What’s the workaround? Look for hubless options that use WiFi or Bluetooth instead. These also tend to work better and be more reliable in terms of the signal.

Color Changing LED Recessed Lighting – Unique and Functional

If you like the idea of combining uniqueness with functionality when it comes to smart lighting, then look no further than color changing LED recessed lighting. Factors to consider when buying an LED light that works with your smart home should be what are the added features and what color-changing would qualify as an added feature. With the tap of a button, you can switch up the color in the room instantly, helping to create atmosphere and mood.

What Are the Extra Features?

Just like with any other smart gadget it’s also wise to look into the extra features that particular light offers. Some of the more useful features for smart lighting include:

  • A timer
  • The ability to create a customized schedule
  • The ability to dim the lights
  • Does it have a nighttime or sleep function/feature

Not every feature will matter to you, but it’s still useful to be aware of what’s available.

Cost May Be a Factor

While smart bulbs and smart lighting have come down in price over the past couple of years, there is still a wide range available. If cost is a factor, you’ll want to shop around to be sure you’re finding budget-friendly options, which do exist.

Smart Lighting Will Transform the Way You Enjoy the Home

To say smart lighting will completely transform the way you use and enjoy your home isn’t an overstatement, it truly has that much of an impact. So why not embrace it and make the jump to a smarter home?

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