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Having a dark home can make it feel somewhat unwelcome, particularly during the winter months when there may be less natural light. Finding ways to overcome this could allow you to feel more relaxed, as well as potentially combat any winter sadness you may feel. There are ways that you can brighten up your home without needing to wait for the better weather to come around. These can include some clever hacks, pieces of technology you might not have thought of, and even changes to your existing décor.

A quick and fun solution

Should you not want to spend time changing your home, or any of its existing contents, you might want to think about using a colour changing LED strip instead. This can be placed in a number of locations and, depending on the one you choose, might even be suitable for wetter or more humid areas of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. You may also be pleased to know that they can be relatively easy to put up and remove, which could make them ideal for those in rented properties who can’t make any permanent changes to the home. Being able to change their colour can also be rather fun, allowing you to set the tone depending on your mood.

Swap out your lightbulbs

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The type of light you use in your fixtures and lamps could also be altered to play its part in brightening up your home. This can also be a great way to bring these items into the 21st century by being able to control them with a remote, or even your smartphone. While they can provide great light for your spaces, you may be pleased to learn that many smart bulbs on offer are LED based, meaning they should use less electricity than their old halogen counterparts. This can mean a reduction in your electricity bills. When choosing a bulb, you might want to think about your budget, as well as the type of light it provides. Cooler bulbs may give off more light than those classed as warm. 

Repaint your rooms

Depending on when you last decorated, some of the rooms in your home may be due a touch up, or need to be completely repainted. Should this be the case, you may want to think carefully before you buy your new paint. Rather than simply focusing on the colour on the tin, you might also want to look at the finish as well. A matte finish may not be able to reflect much light, yet a gloss may be better suited to the woodwork. Using an eggshell or satin finish could allow you to combine the two, giving light more of a surface to reflect off of, while still being pleasant to the eyes. This can make your rooms seem bigger and, importantly, much brighter than before.

Learning how to brighten up your home can involve changing a number of aspects. Depending on your budget, this may be something that you can put into place immediately.

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