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Yale has finally started moving away from the old-fashioned DVR style CCTV systems they used to sell, and have finally embraced WiFi cameras. To be honest, I wish more consumer brands did POE wired cameras too, but that is another matter.

I previously reviewed the HD1080 All-in-One – Indoor/Outdoor Camera, and found it to be a superb outdoor camera, it is one of the few cameras on the market with an integrated spotlight, and it is considerably cheaper than the Ring Spotlight while also not requiring a monthly subscription.

Recently I have been reviewing the HD1080 WIFI Indoor Camera, which at £42.99 is one of the more affordable cameras on the market. Looking at Amazon, ignoring the random Chinese brands, the closest competitor are the TP-Link indoor cameras.

As someone that doesn’t have kids, pets, and works from home, I am not entirely sold on the idea of indoor cameras, but there is obviously a demand for them. Though I have found them quite useful for in the garage to alert me if or when someone tries to break in,  and at this price, you can’t complain.

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Set up

This review was delayed as I had an issue with getting the camera to work, it is unlikely this will affect many people, and it can affect a lot of IoT devices. As I use Zyxel Nebula access points, I could not get the camera to pair at all, this also happened with an Aqara smart home hub. I have a separate 2.4Ghz IoT network but this did not help. It appears to be an issue with commercial-grade networking devices rather than consumer.

It wasn’t until I set up my Netgear RAX80 with a 2.4Ghz network did I manage to get this working, and it paired up immediately.

As usual for cameras, you need to be on a network that runs 2.4Ghz, this should work fine with any consumer system, even if you use 2.4Ghz/5Ghz co-existence, though If you do have issues, you may need to separate them temporarily.

Pairing is done but a little high pitched barking/chirping noise that is picked up by the camera microphone, when it worked, it took one chirp to pair up.

From there you can set up your admin password, then use the app to customise things like motion settings etc.

As this does not use cloud recording, you will want to buy a microSD card to go with it.


The Yale View app is pleasantly designed and functional, if you have used any other CCTV app before, everything will feel similar.

You can set up motion alerts, and there is a motion zone setting with quite a high number of zones available to customise, so you can fine-tune your alerts and recordings as much as possible.

With a microSD inserted, you get a timeline of all the recordings allowing you to review and download the footage.


Performance is good, the camera has a wide-angle, and it covers my long front room on its longest length from wall to wall.

Night-time recording is also good enough, you can easily make out all the objects in the room and recognise anyone that enters the room. Some people like to use indoor cameras pointing out of the window, this is fine during the day, but the IR light reflection will make night-time performance poor.

The motion zones work particularly well. There is not a sensitivity option, but I don’t find you need that with an indoor camera, as wind and shadows don’t affect things. There are, however, a large number of grid squares, and you can have multiple separate zones, so you could cover two doors if needed.

The camera has a microphone & speaker built-in, this allows for two way communication, and you also have the option of linking it in with Alexa. This should work with the Echo Show devices, though I do not have one to test it with.


At less than £45, there is nothing to complain about here. This is an affordable indoor solution, with all the features you would need, good motion zone settings, and good quality video.

In particular, it is the pricing that is excellent, there are very few big brands that have products under the £50 mark, and the microSD storage means you save money on monthly fees.

The minor set-up issues I experienced will only affect a small number of people, as it is not that common to use commercial equipment at home!

Combining this with the excellent Yale SV-DAFX-W – All-in-One Outdoor Camera should give you an excellent and affordable home security solution.

Review Overview


Basic and affordable indoor Wi-Fi camera, that works well and compliments the excellent all in our outdoor camera available from Yale.

  • Overall - 80%

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