Glider Touchscreen Gloves review

Winter is coming, and using a smartphone while wearing gloves is generally impossible. However dozens of companies are now offering touchscreen compatible gloves which is accomplished by incorporating conductive materials into the gloves.  In the case of Glider Gloves they use conductive copper threads and fibers built into the glove’s yarn composition. These special yarns … Read more

Goji Tinchy Stryder Headphones: On Cloud 9 Review

Following the huge success of Beats By Dre, celebrity endorsements for headphones and earphones has taken off massively including releases such as SMS Audio Street By 50, House Of Marley Freedom Zion, Soul By Ludacris SL99, and WeSC Chambers By Rza Premium. Wanting to make the most of this new trend Tinchy Stryder and Goji have teamed together to produce the … Read more

What you need to know about Ivy Bridge-Is it worth waiting for?

Intel recently released its Ivy Bridge family of processors and anyone who likes gadgets should be asking the question -is it a good idea to upgrade? True, its always a good idea to upgrade but sometimes neither the purse, nor the bank manager (my wife hates me calling her that) will yield the necessary quid. … Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review

Recently Three lent us a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to review, which ironically isn’t even available on Three anymore, but anyway we decided to review it as the phone is excellently priced at around £150 – £200 sim free at the moment. When his was this was released Sony were asking for iPhone-esque prices so … Read more

Plextor PX-B310U External Blu-ray Disc Combo Review

Plextor have been one of the leading brands for optical drives for many years so it is no surprise they are still churning out various drives to suit all needs. Today we have the Plextor PX-B310U External Blu-ray Combo Drive which unsurprisingly is a external Blu-Ray Reader and Super Multi Writer. The super multi writer … Read more

LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Review


In the old days pay as you go phones were cheap, cheerful and do everything required out of a phone one would need. They text, they ring. Nowadays, although not packing the super technological goods of an iPhone, HTC Desire or Galaxy S they still do their job and have basic extras. The LG “Cookie Fresh” GS290 is just that. As one of the cheapest touchscreen PAYG phones on the market (from £40ish) you wouldn’t expect too much, but if you want to know more on what we thought of it, then please click on and read our review.

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Warnlaser 20mw Razor Series Laser Review

Warnlaser recently sent us their 20mw Razor Series Laser to review. This is Warnlaser's new series of violet lasers which actually use a genuine Sony Blue-Ray diode.

The Laser we are reviewing currently retails at $99.99/ £60 which does seem quite expensive though this is actually the cheapest in the Razor line with the 200mw laser retailing at $379.99!

However this is no cheap and tacky laser pointer you buy off the market, you can immediately tell it is quality by the quality black case you receive with it similar to what you would get if you bought an expensive pen.

The laser is quite large compared to cheaper laser on the market, and is about the size of a pen, though if you are using this for a presentation it is probably more comfortable to sue this way.

It also comes with an attachment which appears to spread the laser into multiple tiny dots, I am not sure if there is any practical application for this but I guess it looks pretty.

The beam itself is quite appealing and it does appear to have a good range, it manage to cover about 20m of my office with no problems.

Overall I think their is limited appeal to this gadget, it would make quite a nice stocking filler but at £60 it is a bit on the steep side for a stocking filler. If you spend most of your work time doing then presentations then yes this laser definitely will have some appeal.


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