Sades Battle Ram

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Announced back in August, the Sades Battle Ram combo is an affordable keyboard, mouse and mouse mat set that would make a good gift for novice gamers getting into PC gaming.

Specification / Features

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Sades Battle Ram Keyboard


  • Keyboard Type : Membrane-Switch Technology
  • Keyboard Layout : 104-Key US layout
  • Switch Lifespan : 10 Million Cycles
  • Dimensions : 471*195*37 mm/ 18.54*7.68*1.46 in
  • Weight (keyboard only) : 0.858 kg/ 1.89 lb
  • Cable Length : 1.8 m/ 5.90 ft


  • Tracking Method : Optical
  • Resolution : 4000 DPI
  • Switch Lifespan : 10 Million Cycles
  • Dimensions : 131*71*41 mm/ 5.1*2.8*1.6 in
  • Weight (without cable) : 0.105 kg/ 0.23 lb

You also get a mouse mat, it is very basic but saves you a bit of money.

Keyboard Review

Sades Battle Ram Keyboard 2

As a long-term mechanical keyboard user, it is hard to get overly excited about the keyboard in this combo package. All big brand name mechanical keyboards cost much more than this combo, so recommending them over this is not particularily constructive.

However, it is good enough. The typing experience is perfectly fine and if you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard before, you won’t notice the difference.

It is a full-sized keyboard that most people will be more familiar with compared to the compact designs that have become popular recently. There are no dedicated media keys, but you can control media using the FN + F key combinations.

Sades Battle Ram Keyboard 3

The RGB lighting is pleasant, but the RGB LEDs are recessed quite low down into the board, so the overall level of illumination is quite subtle. Depending on your feelings about RGB, this could be positive or negative. In comparison, many mechanical keyboards now have no lip around the base of the key, exposing the RGBs as much as possible – I find that design can be a bit too bright.

The RGB can be controlled on the keyboard directly with 14 presets, which you can change using the Fn key.

Mouse Review

I prefer the mouse, it ticks all the boxes for what a gamer needs. You have a decent quality PMW 3050 optical sensor capable of 4000 DPI  that can be easily dialled up and down, allowing you to have faster response times in FPS games.

You then have 8 buttons in total with Right & Left mouse button, Scroll Wheel, DPI+, DPI-, Forward, Back, then the Sniper key which is the third side button.

The mouse can also customise the buttons based on the game being played.

The RGB illumination looks quite impressive, being quite a bit brighter than the keyboard.

Price and Alternative Options

The Sades Battle Ram Combo has an RRP of £39.99 which makes it an attractively priced option for anyone that has just bought a gaming PC and needs to pair it up with some peripherals.

However, since the end of September, the price has been £49.99, which is still OK, but it’s at a price point where you can pick up a lot of other good options.

There is the Havit Wired RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo for £39.99, so the same as the RRP of the Sades, but you get a mechanical keyboard.

If buying things separately, you could get:

  • Rii RK908 7 colour Mechanical Gaming keyboard for £25.99 – It may be a random brand, but typing on a mechanical keyboard is a much more pleasant experience.
  • Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard for £35 – You get the Logitech brand name, customisable RGB and media key.

For mice, you have:


The Sades Battle Ram is a good keyboard and mouse combo set that will appeal to anyone wanting that typical gamer aesthetic. The RGB illumination on the mouse is particularly bright and attractive, and the overall mouse performance is excellent.

Currently, pricing isn’t amazing, but it is not awful either. It is an easy recommendation at £40 but worth shopping around at £50.

The Combo nature of this makes it a good recommendation that may be looking for a gift this Christmas. Especially for any gamers that may be getting their first gaming PC.

Sades Battle Ram Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review Rating


The Sades Battle Ram Keyboard & Mouse Combo is a good recommendation for novice gamers getting their first PC or for anyone looking for a gift this Christmas.

  • Overall - 70%

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