Ring Alarm

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Apart from security cameras, smart home security products have been slow to take off, in particular in the UK we have had a very limited selection of devices. Yale is the main company that sells both smart locks and a smart home security system. Simplisafe launched their home security system a few months ago in the UK, and I found it to be an excellent option but it requires a monthly subscription to make the most of it.

Ring launched their Alarm system in the States quite a while ago now, complimenting their ever-growing selection of security cameras, and now it has finally landed in the UK with availability from November 5th.

Available to pre-order on Amazon now, the system costs £249.00 and consists of 5 parts, which can then be expanded.

The initial investment will get you the main alarm, a keypad and then a single motion sensor, contact sensor and range extender so most homes will likely need to spend a bit extra for more sensors. A contact sensor costs £29 and the motion sensor costs £39. You can also get additional range extenders for £29 or another keypad for £59.

Ring Alarm
Ring Alarm System

Unlike Simplisafe, this will work perfectly well without a subscription and you will get notifications on your smartphone when someone enters a room, opens a window or sets off the siren.

Just like all Ring products, this is an easy to set up DIY solution and the alarm base station is designed to stay indoors (just like Simplisafe). The base station is rechargeable with up to 24 hours of battery life based on standard use, and the siren is capable of 104 decibels at 30 cm.

In terms of connectivity, the system uses Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Bluetooth for setup. Ethernet/Wi-fi is used for the main data connection, while Z-Wave/Zigbee is used to connect your sensors.

For the motion sensors, they have a 3-year battery live and use a 3v lithium battery which is included.

Finally, you can improve the security of the system using monthly subscription which enabled  3G backup in case your internet goes down and enabled the assisted monitoring function which will automatically call three emergency contacts during an Alarm event. This monthly fee also covers your cameras and this covers unlimited cameras and provides 30-days video history so it sounds like a bargain.


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