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** Updated 21/01/2019** – added Amazon Price tracker with live prices, and updated GearBest price

Gear best currently have a flash sale promo with the Pocophone available for £248 in red with 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM

[button link=”https://mightygadget.co.uk/PocoFlash”] Buy the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in the flash sale[/button]

They also have the 6GB & 128GB model in the sale for £271.32

The announcement of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 a few days ago has caused a bit of a stir in the world of mobiles. It is the cheapest phone on the market to utilise the Snapdragon 845 SoC offering flagship performance for well under £350.

Sadly, as with most Xiaomi phones, there is no official UK availability so we must rely on grey imports (it is possibly Xiaomi will open a UK store soon). This exposes you to a few issues, primarily the main one being a questionable warranty. Once you grey import something most manufacturers will void their warranty so you are reliant on whatever warranty the seller may offer you. If you look at reviews online it is rare that any grey import sites receive positive reviews for their returns or warranty process. Chinese based companies often require the return back to China, at your expense, and many companies will do their best to get out of the warranty obligation for whatever reason.

The other issue that you need to be aware of is that any product sold outside of the EU will technically incur import fees and if your item gets stopped that fee can be quite hefty. It would appear that most Chinese sold products sneak through without any fees but it is a risk you need to be aware of. I once had a monitor stopped and the fees were that high I just waited for Parcel Force to send it back so I got a full refund without incurring shipping fees.

With these concerns addressed, if you are willing to accept them you can get an amazing phone for less than half the price of many flagships on the market. So what are the best deals available right now?

Best Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Deals

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[button link=”https://mightygadget.co.uk/PocoFlash”] Buy the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 in the flash sale[/button]

Updated – GearBest are now the current cheapest at £239.63

Amazon UK -Amazon now has the phone available on Prime Delivery for £299 sold by Mga srls and Fulfilled by Amazon. 

Banggood – Are the cheapest I can find currently at just 270.88 for the 6GB/64GB version – Faulty returns only receive 50% shipping fee back. There appears to be only a 3-day return for unwanted items but unlike others, the phone can be opened and used, it just needs to be returned in pristine condition.

[button link=”https://www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Pocophone-F1-Global-Version-6_18-inch-6GB-64GB-Snapdragon-845-Octa-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1334655.html?p=WT09191904999720180″] Buy from Banggood[/button]

Eglobal: Using the link, Eglobal has the best 6GB/128GB deal can find at just £277.99 for the 6GB/64GB model. Eglobal has a 1-year warranty. The 30 day returns policy incurs a £15-fee. Warranty returns based in UK. The link doesn’t go to the phone page but you get 6-Euros off making the phone cheaper than the Toby Deals.

TobyDeals – These are the cheapest at £277 for the 6GB/128GB – unused returns are back to Hong Kong and also incur a £20 admin fee for none defective returns. Daulty returns back to the UK, no admin fee.

Ebay – buying from eBay gives you another layer of security if something goes wrong with the delivery and it always is a good choice for imports

  • dwi-international-5 have the 6GB/64GB model for £269.90 and is shipped from Hong Kong, ebay specifically state this may incur import fees
  • miandmore appears to offer the best UK stock deal on eBay for  £329.99 for the 6GB/64GB version. Delivery within a couple of days so they should have stock on hand rather than buying from China as orders come in.
  • imobile_us appear to have the best price for stock in the EU at £299 for the 6GB/64GB model, delivery will be slower but you should avoid any customs charges.

If you buy from a company with a Hong Kong return address the cheapest option I can find was £27.94 with no added insurance. So if you were to return the phone to TobyDeals because you don’t like it, you will be on the hook for close to £50

[button link=”https://mightygadget.co.uk/Pocophone-Gearbest”] Buy the PocoPhone from GearBest (current best price)[/button]

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