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The FlexiSpot Q8 was launched at the end of last year and is one of the top models FlexiSpot produces.

It sits close to the top of their product range and is one of the most expensive standing desks on the market.

It is a beautiful table packed with features, and I think it would be a good investment for anyone that can justify the cost.

Features / Specification

  • Height Range: 60cm-124cm
  • Dynamic loading capacity: 100kg
  • Durable bamboo desktop
  • 4 Memory Presets and Anti-collision System
  • Practical drawer and cable management System
  • 10W Wireless Charging
  • 18W USB Type-A port
  • 45W USB Type-C port
  • 10-year warranty


The FlexiSpot desks always seem intimidating to build when you get the boxes. It looks like it is going to be very complex, but it is incredibly easy.

I managed to assemble it myself with no problems at all, but I’d say that two people are recommended. The table is quite heavy.

Unpacking everything probably took longer than the assembly itself. You have all the tools you need to complete the assembly, and all you need to do is:

  • Attach the two legs to the tabletop
  • Attach the feet
  • Run the cable to the control box
  • Slot in the baffle to contain all the cables
  • Screw in the cable holder
  • Attach the cable tray to the holder

Flipping the table back upright was perhaps the most challenging thing by myself, as I was concerned, I would break something (or myself).

In Use

FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Review2

There is not a huge difference from the Flexispot Comhar EG8 I have previously reviewed. It is larger though; the desk seems to be 140x70xm vs 120x60cm.

I prefer the aesthetic of this. I like the bamboo table top vs the black glass. It is an environmentally friendly, natural material with a beautiful grain. It is also waterproof, scratch-resistant and does not require any maintenance.

The next main difference for me is the inclusion of the wireless charger, which makes charging my phone more convenient and avoids the mess of running USB cables.

FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Review6

The wireless charger does mean that you lose out on a USB port. You now only have one USB-A and one USB-C, but I find this is adequate.

FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Review3

The USB-C has an impressive 45W output, which is ideal for any phone. Many laptops use 65W power delivery, they might accept 45W, but you will get warned by Windows of a slow discharge.

With the inclusion of this USB-C PD port, it makes me hope that FlexiSpot will include a rear-mounted 65W (or higher) PD port on a future table. That would allow you to neatly plug in your laptop on the rear of the table. Though, there is nothing stopping you from running an extension strip and sticking to the underside of the rear of the table.

Just like the Comhar EG8, you get a useful drawer. It is a bit shallow, so you won’t be able to fit loads in there, but it helps keep the desk surface free from mess.

It has twice the load capacity of the EG8, being able to handle 100kg, but the E7 and E8 go either with 125KG, or the massive E7Q that can do 200KG.

Due to the load capacity and the two-leg design, I do find that there can be a bit of movement when working. If you use monitor arms, they can be prone to a little wobble. I didn’t bother to try and mount my Samsung C49RG90 49-inch super ultrawide.

When you adjust the height, the motor is very quiet, you can hear it moving, but there is a smooth noise about it which is reassuring.

The height adjustments are excellent. At the maximum height, it is perhaps a little too high for me to comfortably work off, and I am 6ft 1 (185cm).

FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Review1

Price and Alternative Options

The FlexiSpot Q8 is the most expensive standard-size sit-stand desk FlexiSpot does with an RRP of £699.99

They then have the ESD1 studio desk for musicians at £799.99.

Or, for those needing a large, more sturdy desk, there is the new FlexiSpot E7Q priced at £899.99. This has desktop options that go up to 200x90cm vs the 140x70cm of the Q8.

If those prices are too high for you, then the FlexiSpot EW8 with a slightly smaller table top is £430 for the white and bamboo model or just £300 for the black and glass model I reviewed.

The FlexiSpot Q8 is one of the most expensive standing desks on the market. The Jarvis desks would be the next best option. They have desks which you can customise, there is no wifi charging option, but you can get desktops with grommet holes and then power grommets that provide USB and plug sockets. Once you start customising things, the costs quickly add up.


The FlexiSpot Q8 is undeniably the best standing desk I have used. It is beautiful, well-built, and has a wide range of motion, and I love the USB and QI charging features.

It is also the most expensive table I have reviewed, so anything less than being the best would have been quite poor.

Sadly, it is a bit small for me to use full-time as I have too many monitors on my table, but if I had a normal PC setup, I would absolutely use this as my home office desk.

Overall, if you want a premium desk and will make use of the wireless charging and USB features (who wouldn’t?) then I can absolutely recommend this table.

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FlexiSpot Q8 Standing Desk Review Rating
  • Overall - 90%


The FlexiSpot Q8 is undeniably the best standing desk I have used. It is beautiful, well-built, and has a wide range of motion, and I love the USB and QI charging features.


  • Well made and beautiful design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wireless charging and 45W USB-C


  • Expensive

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