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Flexispot is one of the most reputable names in the electric sit-stand desk business. I have previously reviewed the Flexispot Electric E5 as well as some of the more quirky products, such as the Desk Bike and Fitness Chair.

This time I have been checking out the Comhar EG8, which is a more premium all-in-one desk that comes with either a wooden tabletop or black glass and has a slim drawer and USB charging ports.

Features / Specification

  • All in one electric sit-stand desk with a glass tabletop and drawer
  • 2x USB-A charge ports
  • 1x USB-C charge port
  • DC5V/2.4A (12W) USB output
  • 72-121cm (tabletop included) height adjustment
  • 25mm/sec lift speed
  • 4 memory presets
  • 50kg weight capacity
  • 120x60x6.5cm dimensions


This was incredibly easy to set up, much easier than the Flexispot Electric E5 I previously reviewed.

You basically have the tabletop, the frame and the feet. The tabletop attaches to the frame with eight bolts, and the feet have four bolts each.

Unpacking the two separate boxes probably took me longer than putting the cable together.

All the electronics are pre-installed. You just need to attach the cable from the electric motor to the controls on the desk.

It is quite a heavy table, so if you are not particularly strong, you may want someone to assist you in flipping the table upright once you have completed the assembly.

The bulk of the cables are pre-tidied for you; however, there is no other built-in cabling solution in the desk itself. Within the installation packaging, you get two additional sticky cable clamps for some basic cable tidying.

In Use

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Review1

As a messy person, I love drawers to hide all the crap I have lying about. This drawer is quite shallow, so you are limited on the amount of storage, but it is useful for all the cables and nick-nacks that inevitably litter my desk.

You then have the three charging ports. It is only a 12W output, but it is a handy feature and i prefer slow charging unless in a rush. I can never have too many USB ports. I am always having to charge some wearable, phone, or random smart home gadgets.

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Review3

It lacks wireless charging, but you can easily get a small use cable and wireless charging matt and make it quite neat.

The table itself is excellent. Both the frame and desktop use a metal construction, so it feels incredibly sturdy.

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Review

Glass isn’t my first choice for a desktop, I would normally opt for wood, and there is a wooden option with a white frame. I quite like it, though, it is easier to clean, more scratch-resistant and looks nice and modern. The one problem with glass is that it won’t be compatible with a monitor arm.

The height adjustments are excellent; it is smooth and quiet. My monitors don’t wobble or anything like that as I adjust the height, and it can also hold up to 50Kg, which I think is more than enough for most people.

You can then save up to 4 heights which might allow two people to have their own sit-stand height preset.

The 120cm by 60cm surface area makes this a standard-sized desk. I personally prefer something larger as I have multiple displays, but it is perfectly adequate for a single or even dual monitor set-up. If you need something bigger, you will need one of the  Flexispot desks that have multiple desktop options.

Price and Alternative Options

The Comhar EG8 is priced at £449.99 RRP, but there is a £100 discount code available until the 1st of June [APEG8].

Buy from FlexiSpot

This is also available on Amazon for £350.

There is a variant with a wood top and white stand available for £389.99, but that doesn’t have a discount code available.

If you’d like a more spacious drawer, there is the Esben EHD2, priced at £499.99

Many of the other options lack a desktop as standard. You can pick up a frame for as low as £180 RRP, but then the desktop is priced from £80 – £140, depending on size and shape.

There are a couple of similar desks on Amazon. The Allcam ED20 is a touch cheaper at around £335, and the Daytona Living table is £420 but also has wireless charging.


This is a superb all-in-one sit-stand desk. I love the premium look and feel of it, and it was incredibly easy to set up.

The combination of the drawer and built-in USB ports reduces your table clutter and allows you to achieve a nice clean, minimalist look (if you are less messy than me). I think that could make it particularly appealing for anyone that works from home and has the work desk in a living area vs a dedicated office.

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Standing Desk Review Rating


This is a superb all-in-one sit-stand desk that is easy to assemble and has excellent convenient USB ports and a drawer.

  • Overall - 90%


  • Well made and sturdy
  • Very easy to set up
  • Useful USB ports
  • Drawer


  • Could do with built in cable management shelves
  • One size – Standard 120cmx60cm

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