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I have recently reviewed a couple of wireless HDMI transmitters. The PeakDo Wireless Docking Station is one of the few options on the market that can do 4K wireless transmission, and the YEHUA Q5R1 was a good affordable option that can do 1080P transmission as well as 4K WiFi screen sharing.

There are a lot of options on the market, but many of them have mixed reviews. Unlike the trusty HDMI cable, wireless transmission is less reliable, and the 5Ghz network that is often used can be congested and has limited data rates.

There are various considerations you need to make when selecting the transmitter; these include:

How to choose the best HDMI transmitter for your needs

Required resolution – 4K Wireless HDMI Transmission

Peakdo wireless

Most people nowadays are going to want 4K video and likely at 60hz, but this is significantly more demanding for wireless transmission and not possible at 60Hz.

If you want 4K, then your options are limited, the range is reduced, and the quality is limited. You can get options that do 4K@30Hz, but 4K@60Hz requires too much bandwidth for a wireless signal. Even getting HDR to work can be challenging.

Distance and Range

With 4K, you are limited to line of sight and around 30m, so it should work in the largest of rooms, but don’t expect to transmit between rooms with much success.

You can easily transmit 1080P and this has more flexibility with different technologies. You can have transmitters using the 5Ghz, which has a much greater range and can get through walls. A decent quality transmitter can do up to 60m through interior drywall (much less through brick walls like we have in the UK).

Installation Considering & Portability

You basically have two options, transmitters that have an HDMI dongle that are designed to be used with things like laptops or a larger design which are for permanent installations.

Some will use USB for power which makes your life a bit easier, while others use a DC port which you will have to find a plug socket for.

Alternative Options HDBaseT – HDMI over single CAT5e/6

Much like wireless networking, connecting to things wirelessly is generally the most convenient, but it doesn’t offer the best or most reliable performance.

If you need to transmit a signal over a longer distance than HDMI is capable of, but it is a permanent installation, then using HDBaseT offers superior performance.

HDBaseT can transmit a signal up to 100m over Cat 5e or higher and HDBaseT 3.0 can support up to 4K at 60 Hz with either Dolby Vision standard mode or 12-bit 4:2:2 and high dynamic range (HDR). This is a lot better than you would get from a Wireless HDMI Transmitter.

Obviously, you still have to wire up cables, but it is one of the best solutions for people wanting to distribute video to wall-mounted TVs that don’t have easy access to things like satellite boxes or antenna cables. A good example would be for anyone wanting to transmit to an outdoor TV.

The below option supports 4K@60Hz with HDR and DTS-HD. It is well reviewed and reasonably priced on Amazon.

Best 4K Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receivers

IOGEAR 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Transmitter and Receiver Kit

IOGEAR 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD

This can only do 4K @ 30Hz and line of sight, but it can do 50ft, or 15m transmission with a claimed near zero latency thanks to the 60Ghz signal.

It is quite limited and not cheap, but that’s wireless 4K for you. The short range and line of sight limitation is a good example of why you should try and go wired whenever possible.

SkylarxTech 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter

This is cheaper and claims a longer 30m line of site range with 4K@30Hz. But it has fewer reviews, and it uses the same 60Ghz technology as the IOGEAR.

One review does state that this can just about manage HDR when it gets a good signal.

PeakDo 4K Wireless HDMI Transmitter

I have previously reviewed the PeakDo Wireless 4K HDMI Docking Station and had good results with it.

The model on Amazon has some mixed reviews, but this seems to be due to the lack of a power adaptor. One review states you will need a 60W or higher power delivery plug to achieve the best signal.

Best 1080P Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receivers

Looking on the Amazon US website, there are a couple of wireless HDMI transmitters with amazing reviews, but these all seem to be artificially inflated with bait and switch reviews. There is the NAMCIM Wireless HDMI Transmitter and the RXZ Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver.

Both these products have thousands of reviews and an average rating of close to 5. Sounds impressive until you look at the actual reviews. For the RXZ, there appears to be just 15 reviews for the actual HDMI transmitter with all the other reviews from international stores appearing to talk about some game. Out of those 15 reviews, 6 of them are one-star reviews. Therefore I would avoid this product.

J-Tech Digital 1X2 Wireless HDMI Extender

This seems to be the best-reviewed Wireless HDMI Extender I can find, with real reviews. It also has  quite a lot of 1-star reviews, but this seems to be a common theme with wireless HDMI transmitters. Amazon UK doesn’t have any proper stock, and the third-party seller has overpriced the product, but you can ship it from Amazon US for $198.95 + $53.94 shipping & import fees deposit to the UK.

Yehua HDMI Wireless Transmitter

HDMI HDMI No ratings yet £45.26Amazon Prime

I have reviewed the Yehua HDMI Wireless Transmitter and found the performance to be good. This also doubles up as a WiFi screen share device, allowing you to screen share 4K content.

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