As a fitness fanatic that is also cursed with sweating a lot, I am constantly on the lookout for some decent headphones for both the gym and running. For a long time, I loved the Bose SoundSport but they cost £115 so it is hard to justify this expense when I will inevitably lose them(which I did the first time around).

I have previously reviewed the excellent Soundcore Spirit Pro, and I still use them as my backup pair, however, when running I do find I need to adjust them a lot.

For a long time, my preference towards running headphones has been the models with a loop that goes over the top of your ear and anchors them to the side of your head. With this style, there is never a situation where the earpiece will come completely free and dangle down. Therefore I have been keen to try the Soundcore Spirit X which have this exact style.

Priced at £32.99 the Spirit X is well into the affordable category, but I have high hopes they will be more durable than my current running earphones the Mpow Flame, I am on my third pair of these in the last 6 months. In particular, Anker has developed what they call Sweatguard which claims to absolutely protect your headphones against water, sweat and other liquids. Unlike the Spirit Pro, the USB port has a cap to it, which makes me think that any liquid ingress into the USB port could lead to damage. However Anker claim that these are washing machine proof and I have seen videos confirming this, so they should be a lot more durable than standard “waterproof” earphones. They are also IPX7 rated which is classed as immersion in water, up to 1 m depth.

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The packaging of the Spirit X is simple but robust, within the box you get a carry bag three sets of earbud tips and three sets of ear wings. There is also a microUSB cable for charging.