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Wireless charging hasn’t quite taken off as I would have expected when it was first launched. The Samsung Galaxy series has been the most notable phones supporting QI charging in recent years. The latest iPhone has introduced wireless charging, and this will likely drive the implementation of it among Android manufacturers, similar to how the notch is now ubiquitous.

The official Samsung wireless charging stand is over £40 whereas you can pick up the new Anker PowerWave for just £25.99.

This handy wireless charging stand is fully compatible with Quick Charge charging speeds, and packed with twin charging coils to enable horizontal or vertical placement.

It will power any QI enabled device at 5W, and it will then boost to 7.5W for iPhone, while flagship Samsung phones get a 10W fast charge.

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If like me you are clumsy so always keep your phone in a case, then you will be relieved to know that the charger can still work directly through cases up to 5 mm thick—including Otterboxes.

Set up is about as straightforward as it gets, you plug the charger in and place your phone on the stand. The few considerations you need are that it won’t work with a metal case or a case thicker than 5mm. You should also avoid using Apple’s 5V/1A stock charger or a computer’s USB port, and if you want the quick charging, it needs to be plugged into a Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter.

While I still use the Mate 10 Pro, I tested the charger on my partners iPhone, and it works as advertised. It is much more convenient than having to remember to plug it in whenever you need to charge. For me working at a desk all day, it is a great option just to place a phone on the stand while I work and never have to worry about charging it.

It doesn’t appear to charge as quickly as a cable but that is to be expected, and it still charges quickly, while being considerably more convenient.

Overall, if you want something cheaper than an official product, that can charge your device at the maximum speed from a trustworthy manufacturer then the Anker PowerWave is a great option.

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Anker PowerWave 7.5w Wireless Charging Stand
  • Overall - 80%

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