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I have covered a few active speakers and passive speakers recently. Most of my coverage leans towards the affordable, but if you are looking for something more premium, Airpulse has some attractive options.

Airpulse is the premium audio solution from Edifier who I have covered extensively. The Airpulse A80 Active Speakers are technically the entry-level speakers but sit a notch up in price than any of the Edifier options.

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Airulse Airpulse has released the quintessential modern bookshelf speaker – the A80 – in a stunning electric blue. In addition to the original Walnut Finish, the recently released A80 matches in equal parts its technical superiority and stunning design. Created to be the perfect combination of conventional loudspeaker and digital XMOS system, the A80 offers a superb sound quality from a stylish unit.

The A80 is Airpulse’s entry level plug and play speaker that utilizes the brand’s signature horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter and proprietary 4.5-inch magnet ferrite mid-woofer to drive the system. The thin aluminium ribbon diaphragm has high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range and well-defined resolution. This meticulously formulated horn shape produces directional and optimized high frequencies from the ribbon tweeter, so they are aimed at the listeners, minimizing unwanted inflections and producing a superior, three-dimensional sound with excellently defined details.

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The mid woofer is a 4.5’ hard anodized aluminium alloy cone suspended in a heavy, ultra-rigid cast magnesium alloy frame. Featuring a 30mm diameter voice coil, it is unusually larger than most loudspeakers of this size. It has been shown that larger voice coils have less power compression because they run at a cooler operating temperature. In terms of this sound produced, this means a more realistic and dynamic representation of the music.

The interior of the A80 is padded with professional pyramid soundproofing foam, reducing unwanted resonance, while the oval vent tube is carefully designed to minimize wind noise while in use. The A80 cabinet is built with an 18-mm thick high-strength MDF in beautiful walnut finish that, while making this a stylish addition to any room, further reduces coloration and audio distortion.

Connect audio sources to the A80 via AUX, RCA, optical, coaxial, USB, professional balanced input, and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth input uses version 5.0, resulting in minimal interruptions. The well – known American TRANSPARENT cable is used for internal connections to ensure minimum signal loss, producing a reliable sound quality.

Bass, treble and volume controls are located on the back panel. Easily brighten the highs-frequency to your taste and adjust the amount of bass according to the listening environment. Included with the pair of speakers is a wireless remote that allows you to switch between inputs, adjust volume and mute your speakers from a distance. 

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Tweeter: Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter 

Mid-Woofer: 4.5-inch Aluminum Cone Magnesium Ferrite Mid-Woofer 

Total Power Output: R/L(treble): 10W+10W  

          R/L(woofer): 40W + 40W 

Signal to Noise Ratio: L/R: ≥90dBA 

Frequency Response: 52Hz –40KHz 

Input Sensitivity:       AUX: 450±50mV; 

            USB: 400±50mFFs,

Optical: 400±50mFFs;

Bluetooth: 500±50mFFs    

Sub Out: 1200mV Max

Inputs:                        AUX, PC, USB, Optical, Bluetooth

The USB and Optical inputs support up to 192 KHz Input Sample Rate     

Mains Voltage:          AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Active/Passive: Active 

Cables: Internally cabled with Transparent

Cabinet Size: 140x250x220mm

Price & Availability Available on for £629

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