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Modern businesses, both big and small, rely on technology to operate efficiently. As such, there’s a demand for online services that enable employees to collaborate and organize their work.

Among others, Microsoft’s Office 365 has become a well-known software. Many companies praise it for its customizable features, reliability, and usability. If you’re currently using Office 365 or considering implementing it, this article is for you. We’re going to look at 5 programs that Office 365 has to offer, and that help you efficiently run your company while staying competitive against other enterprises.

Exchange Online

According to the experts at Ntiva, the key to a successful and productive business is an effective communication network. Office 365 has a program for that. With Exchange Online, you can be sure that your business emails will always be up and running.

This hosted messaging software gives you access to emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars from PCs, mobile devices, and the web. It has similar capabilities to a cloud-based service, allowing you to have important information on multiple devices and quickly move them from one place to another. What’s more, email is hosted on multiple servers, thus supporting numerous users at the same time.

Exchange Online is a reliable service with advanced security features and data safeguards. Mailboxes are protected by anti-spam and anti-malware filtering software, and data recovery protocols are ready to be implemented in case of emergency. Additionally, you can count on 24/7 IT-level phone support.

OneDrive for Work or School (Also Known as One Drive for Business)


One of the most important features every business needs is online storage space. It helps to organize work-related files and documents, share them among employees, and access them from multiple devices. Microsoft’s OneDrive offers all that. This program is so popular that besides being included in the Office 365 plan, it can also be purchased as a standalone plan.

With this feature, you can control who can access and edit your work files. Any changes will be saved across all devices, and you can see who and when made edits, if there were any. What’s more, your documents will be secure, and if your employee leaves your company, their files don’t get transferred.



This feature provides your employees with an intranet website where they can collaborate on files and documents, as well as share information – all in real time.

Similarly to OneDrive, SharePoint contributes to cost savings – both features function as a cloud system, eliminating costs of data storage plans and separate cloud accounts. The benefits don’t end there! Secure, effortless collaboration allows your business to distribute important tasks efficiently, which results in better productivity.

Visio for the Web

Visio for the Web

If your business relies on diagrams, Visio for the web is a perfect tool to get your ideas across. You’ll have numerous diagram types and shape sets at your disposal. You can make a proposal, describe a sequence of steps, or depict a plan in a clear, modern way.

Your employees can also view and contribute by sharing diagrams and inserting comments, along with files and documents uploaded to OneDrive or SharePoint. What’s more, if there’s such a need, you can download Visio desktop apps and discover even more useful features.



Every boss wants their employees to perform well at work. However, not all of them know that one of the most crucial factors to effective cooperation and a great atmosphere is communication both in and outside the workplace. Yammer is an excellent feature for social and group organization. Businesses often use it as a space for updates on personal information. Whatever your employees want to share, they now have the perfect network to do so! This way, you’ll help them get to know each other, build meaningful connections, enhance their morale, and create a company culture.

You can also use Yammer for business purposes. Creating groups for specific teams and departments has never been easier! What’s more, you can contact your clients, contractors, and other people outside your workplace and be sure that all your conversations happen in a secure, controlled environment.

The Bottom Line

Office 365 is a versatile tool that allows you to run your business efficiently. Its customizable programs and applications ensure that you can take care of all aspects necessary to keep your business up and running. With reliable software backing up your professional network, you can focus on the essentials, staying competitive against other companies in your industry. Meanwhile, your employees have the ability to use modern software that facilitates their work, increases their productivity, and promotes your business’ growth.

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