Huawei Watch GT 3 42mm Review – Installable apps, accurate fitness tracking, but no Strava

The Huawei Watch GT series has always been great but somewhat limited. After Huawei launched the Watch 2 with WearOS back in 2017, it seemed like they ditched the idea of a fully-fledged smartwatch. The GT series sacrificed the functionality of installable apps in favour of a light OS that provided exceptional battery life and … Read more

Fun Games to Play with Your Smart Speaker

Whether you’ve chosen Alexa or Google Assistant to power your smart home, a smart speaker is the ultimate multi-functional device, from turning on your favourite playlist to waking you up in the morning and automating your everyday functions within the home. But did you know that your Google Home or Amazon Echo device has far … Read more

Black Friday: 45% off Simba Hybrid Mattress – King Size is £549.45– Nectar 45% off – £450.45 for King

Not exactly consumer tech, but I cover fitness, and sleep is an essential part of that, which has led me to review several mattresses in the past (+ I am just a bit obsessed with improving me sleep). Most mattresses have deals on throughout the year, and you should never buy one full price. Like … Read more

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress Review – Is this the best memory foam mattress and worth the upgrade over the standard Simba?

Black Friday Deals are now on with 35% off taking the price of a King down to £798.85 Simba is the most successful mattress in a box company within Europe, unlike other brands, they are not just a memory foam mattress but offer a hybrid technology with micro springs which offer increased comfortability. I reviewed … Read more

Sades Battle Ram Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review

Announced back in August, the Sades Battle Ram combo is an affordable keyboard, mouse and mouse mat set that would make a good gift for novice gamers getting into PC gaming. Specification / Features Keyboard Keyboard Type : Membrane-Switch Technology Keyboard Layout : 104-Key US layout Switch Lifespan : 10 Million Cycles Dimensions : 471*195*37 … Read more

Pocketalk S Voice Translator Review – Instant voice translation with 2-years worldwide data

With the prospect of foreign travel much more likely for next year for me, having a device like the Pocketalk S voice translator could save a great deal of stress whilst abroad. Details Converse in 82 different languages Sleek design with large touchscreen that provides a text translation for additional clarity One-button translation for simpler … Read more

SIVGA Phoenix Headphones Review – Open-backed headphones with premium wood & aluminium build

SIVGA are a Chinese brand that was established in 2016 and manufacture a range of affordable but audiophile focussed headphones. One of the brand’s main characteristics is the use of wood across a wide range of its products. This includes their flagship magnetic planar P-Ⅱ headphones, the Phoenix I am reviewing today, and the affordable … Read more

Black Friday 2021: Cambridge Audio Melomania Plus & Touch all-time low prices of £90 / £80 – Starts on 9th of November

I don’t normally cover single products on Black Friday posts but I enjoyed the Cambridge Audio Melomania Plus and the brand are starting their sales early before all the Black Friday madness starts. Melomania Touch I have not used the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch but these have the best discount. They are the latest earbuds … Read more

Best Smart Electric Heaters – WiFi programmable electric heaters & radiators

With energy prices soaring and the weather cooling, many of us will be looking at ways to warm up our homes in the coming months. Thankfully, October was mild, and I have only just conceded to putting my heating on. If you have gas heating I have covered smart thermostats before. Companies such as Genius … Read more

Ember Mug 2 Metallic Review – No more microwaving my cold coffee with this temperature controlled self-heating mug

Ember has been around for a few years now, being the worlds first and only temperature control mug. I have always read good things about them, but the relatively high price has always made me reluctant to commit. I am a bit of a coffee addict, consuming far too much, but with work being crazy … Read more

Helium HNT & Kadena KDA Cryptocurrencies Smash Record Highs – Helium breaks past $40 approaching $50, making mining more profitable

Update – In the 4 hours since I posted this, not only did Helium break $40 but smashed through it on the way to $50 with over 18% growth. Both the Helium and Kadena cryptocurrencies have smashed through their previous highs, both with incredible growth over the last 7 days. I haven’t really followed Kadena … Read more

Pixel 6 Pro Review – Is it good enough to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

Google has made big changes with the new Pixel 6 series with brand new camera sensors, a custom chipset, bigger batteries, improved displays and a new striking design. Google has wisely kept the prices relatively affordable. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is just £849, which undercuts many of the premium flagship phones that were launched … Read more

Realme Joins Eco-Rating Scheme: Realme 8i scores 80/100 & Realme 8 5G 76/100

With COP26 underway, the environmental crisis is once again being highlighted. The future looks bleak unless we make some significant changes. Consumer electronics are one of the many problematic areas. Most things nowadays are not designed to be repairable, everything is made of plastic, and many devices have difficult to dispose of lithium batteries. This … Read more

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