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With many of us on the lookout for gifts, not only for the main holiday season but for birthdays and other special occasions as well, it is easy to see that devices are at the top of many people’s wishlists. But the latest and flashiest iPads, iPhones and other devices can be so expensive, especially just as they are released.

In this piece, we will be talking about how refurbished devices, and iPads in particular, can make the perfect gift for a friend or family member. This blog is brought to you by the team at refurbished technology retailer WeSellTek.

Refurbished iPads are cheaper than brand new models

The most obvious benefit to choosing a refurbished iPad as a gift, in comparison to purchasing the latest release, is the price. As well as being typically lower overall, the prices of older models usually drop just as the latest model is released. So a top tip: look at purchasing second-hand or refurbished technology just after the latest model has dropped, and you will save yourself a pretty penny.

Environmental benefits of choosing refurbished technology

Due to the energy and material requirements of manufacturing new devices, selecting a pre-existing device will reduce the impact on the environment quite substantially. From the semiconductor chips to the plastic used in creating the screens and phone bodies, many air miles are used in transporting parts from around the world. The emissions generated from these logistical activities are just a small part of the overall environmental costs though, which include the mining processes and manufacturing processes.

Things to watch out for when choosing a refurbished iPad as a gift

As with all refurbished products, it is imperative that the correct validations and checks are made when purchasing the item.

A key consideration to take into account when purchasing a refurbished iPad is the quality of the refurbishment. In order to ensure a safe and happy experience with refurbished tablets, you want to find a reputable retailer with experience, plenty of information around the topic of repairing tablets as well as experts being ready to talk to you with their knowledge and expertise on hand.

A large part of the problematic misconception of refurbished iPads is the way that the industry was previously run. With no real official measure of what a quality refurbishment process was, it was easy to be ripped off and lose your money when the phone stopped working within a few weeks.

But now, with the industry having really stepped up (across all refurbished electronics as a whole), you can be safe in the knowledge that retailers now have official processes (measured by legal requirements) in place.

Make sure that the refurbished iPad comes with a warranty

One of the main selling points of purchasing a refurbished iPad is that most retailers provide a warranty with their devices, which would be far less attainable were you to buy a used or second-hand iPad.

In most cases, a warranty provided on a refurbished iPad is often better than that offered for a brand new iPad. This is because the refurbished market is far more competitive and retailers often offer great competitive warranty packages to increase their customer base.

All refurbished iPads at WeSellTek, no matter the condition selected, come with a 12-month warranty which covers any manufacturing defects such as camera faults, charging port failures or loudspeaker defects. However, this warranty does not cover accidental damage such as cracked screens or water entry.

Refurbished iPads as a gift

We hope that with this blog, you have a better understanding of the potential benefits of choosing a refurbished iPad as a gift as opposed to a brand new model. Through the financial savings, as well as the environmental savings, choosing refurbished is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the modern consumer.

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