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While phones do claim to have ultra-tough displays nowadays, whether it is from Gorilla Glass or some other technology, they are all still surprisingly easy to break.

Apart from using a good case, with a lip over the screen, it is an excellent idea to use a screen protector. These typically come in 2 forms, a lightweight think plastic protector or a thicker tempered glass protector.

The plastic models are typically quite cheap, but very durable. However, you lose a bit of tactile feedback from them. Tempered glass models are thicker, heavier, and more expensive, but they offer a much nicer surface to use your phone on. Tempered glass is also susceptible to cracking, just like your main screen, however, the aim is for this to break instead of your screen.

xPRO sells a full range of protection for your iPhone, as well as iPads and Macs. In particular, there is an extensive range of tempered glass screen protectors. For example, for the iPhone 7/8 there is:

  • 33mm thick standard in Black, White and diamond.
  • 2mm thick screen
  • 33mm thick privacy screen


Application of tempered glass screens is slightly more straightforward than the plastic counterparts. The method is still more or less the same; you just get less bubbling. You need to clean the screen with the included wipes and polish it with the cloth. You can then use the guide stickers to make sure everything lines up, or if like me, just wing it. If you are careful, avoiding bubbles is quite easy, and then can usually be pushed out.

amazon 6 V4


To test the durability of the screen protector, I used one of the ones supplied to inflict as much damage as possible using various methods. First up was trying to mark the protector with a ballpoint pen, this left no noticeable damage. Secondly, I used the tip of a knife, I accidentally did it on the wrong side to start, and this quickly scratched the surface. Flipping it over and doing it again, the screen held up well, with no damage from light to medium scratching. Lastly, I bent the protector in various directions; it helps up well with creases appearing on the screen when I fold it nearly in half. The glass finally shattered when I folded the screen length way.


Overall, the durability appears to be excellent, and the screen protector should do exactly as intended, protect your screen from unnecessary damage. Granted, this won’t magically make your screen unbreakable, but it should help protect your very expensive device as much as possible, making the £10-15 investment worth it.

You can get the full xPro range from xproshop.co.uk where they stock products for all the Apple devices from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone X, as well as iPods and MacBooks.

xPRO Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Overall - 85%

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