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If you still wonder “When is Amazon Prime Day going to happen in 2022?” Now you can mark the calendar for July 11 and July 31 and look forward to steep price cuts from national brands and small businesses across every category.

BLUETTI also confirms its annual shopping event – BLUETTI Prime Day date on July 11 – 31. To help you narrow things down, we’ve collected the best deals on our official website:, from solar power stations, solar panels to various accessories worth your money.

Do I have to be an Amazon Prime Member to take advantage of BLUETTI Prime Day deals?

The short answer: nope. But if you’d like to grab the Prime Day sales only on Amazon, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime Member.

The Best Prime Day Deals From BLUETTI

AC200MAX – All-round Upgraded Power Beast£1899 (£1999)

With two expansion battery ports, the AC200MAX welcomes up to two BLUETTI B230 (2048Wh each) or B300 (3072Wh each) battery modules, allowing you to build on your system up to 8192Wh!

The AC200MAX allows up to 900W solar input and 400W via the AC wall charger, giving you a stunning 1300W total charging input to recharge it in less than 2 hours.

Plus, the AC200MAX comes with a built-in 30A (RV Plug) – NEMA TT-30 rated outlet and a 12V 30A super powerful DC outlet, specifically designed for RV, Van, and boat enthusiasts who’re looking to plug their rig directly into AC200MAX.

Bluetti 2

BLUETTI AC300 & B300 – Power Anything Imaginable£3699 (£3899)

Unlike any BLUETTI solar generator products, the AC300 has no built-in battery, bringing it unprecedented mobility and uniqueness. Every AC300 can accept up to 4 B300 (3072Wh each) battery modules, adding up to a groundbreaking 12288Wh capacity – Covering your whole family’s basic needs for DAYS during emergencies or power outages!

Time to plug into full-time solar life! BLUETTI AC300 is now capable of receiving 2400W of unrivaled solar charging input. The advanced MPPT controller lets you juice up a B300 (3072Wh) battery module as soon as 1.5hrs only with sunshine!

Waiting for recharging is never a pleasure. With a wall outlet and solar panels plugged in, the AC300 can support up to 5400W horrendous total input rate. Plug the system in before you pack up for the camping, and your power will be ready when you are.

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Other units highly recommended on BLUETTI Prime Day 2022


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