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The TRENDnet TEG-S762 and TEG-S750 were announced in the UK back in February. The TEG-S750 is perhaps the more interesting of the two models being a 5 port 10Gbps switch priced at around £300. As far as I am aware, there are no other five port 10Gbps switches on the market at this price.

The TRENDnet TEG-S762 is a bit more affordable at around £215. This has just 2 x 10G RJ-45 ports but then an additional 4 x 2.5G RJ-45 ports. It is a good option for anyone that wants to connect a work PC to a server. Just three years ago, the most affordable way was either direct connections or using SFP+ with the Mikrotik Cloud Smart Switch 326-24G-2S+RM and second hand Mellanox Connectx cards.


TRENDnet TEG S762 Switch Review3
  • 4 x 2.5G RJ-45 ports
  • 2 x 10G RJ-45 ports
  • Compatible with existing Cat5e or better cabling
  • 60Gbps switching capacity
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • Wall mountable

While TRENDnet states you can use Cat5e, you should be aware of the limitations:

  • Cat5e Cabling: 1Gbps / 2.5Gbps @ 100m (328 ft.)
  • Cat6 Cabling: 10Gbps @ 50m (164 ft.)
  • Cat6a Cabling: 10Gbps @ 100m (328 ft.)
TRENDnet TEG S762 Switch Review2


In my home, I have the TerraMaster F4-422 running Unraid, which has a 10Gbps Ethernet port and a SATA SSD for the cache. I also have an Ubuntu server with the ASUS XG-C100C 10GbE NIC.

With 1Gbps, it is normally the switch that causes a bottleneck on your network, and it has been very frustrating that multi-gig networking has taken so long to gain traction.

With 10Gbps, there are a lot of variables that can cause bottlenecks, and it is not normally your switch.

In my case, connecting to the Unraid NAS, I achieved speeds of 5.16 Gbits/sec when testing with iPerf.

Connecting to my Ubuntu server, these speeds increased to 8.88 Gbits/sec.

In comparison, connecting my work PC to the Ubuntu server using SFP+ on the £800+ EnGenius ECS2512FP, I achieved 9.37 Gbits/sec.

As far as actual transfer speeds go, I don’t have storage fast enough to push the limits of 10Gbps. File transfers cap out at around 620MB/s.

The 2.5G RJ-45 ports perform as expected, with a throughput of 2.37 Gbits/sec and real-life transfer speed of just under 300MB/s.

One of the main selling points of this switch is that it is fanless. As you’d expect, there is no perceivable noise at all, which has allowed me to use it in my office. It doesn’t get particularly hot to touch either, and there appears to be plenty of airflow inside.

Price and Alternative Options

At the time of writing, the TRENDnet TEG-S762 isn’t available from any UK suppliers. However, the official MSRP of the two new TRENDnet switches is:

  • TRENDnet TEG-S750 MSRP: £314.99 GBP
  • TRENDnet TEG-S762 MSRP: £214.99 GBP

For US buyers, the prices on Amazon are:

If you were to import to the UK, that would work out as:

  • TEG-S762: £205
  • TEG-S750: £299

In comparison:

  • Zyxel MG-108 with 8×2.5GbE is £230
  • Zyxel MG-105 with 5×2.5GbE is £84.99
  • Zyxel XGS1010-12 with 2×2.5GbE & 2x10G SFP+ plus 8x Gigabit for £145
  • Zyxel XGS1250-12 with 3x 10GbE, 1x10G SFP+ and 8x Gigabit for £200
  • QNAP QSW-2104-2T with 2x10GbE and 4x 2.5GbE for £155

The QNAP QSW-2104-2T appears to be identical to the TRENDnet in every way. UK pricing makes the QNAP a better option, but in the US, it is currently priced at $235.78 on Amazon, so the TEG-S762 is a better buy.


The TRENDnet TEG-S762 is an excellent unmanaged multi-gig switch and one of the most affordable ways to get 10GbE in the home. It is perfect for anyone that has a NAS or home server equipped with a 10GbE port (such as the TerraMaster F4-422).

Pricing in the UK isn’t quite as attractive as the QNAP QSW-2104-2T, but it is cheaper in the US. The Zyxel XGS1250-12 is well worth considering if you have more than two devices on your network with 10GbE.

In general, 10Gbps networking is everything I wanted it to be. Unless you are transferring from NVMe to NVMe, it is unlikely you will ever saturate your network. This allows me to use network storage to its full potential avoiding the need for noisy hard disks or large SSDs on my work PC.

TRENDnet TEG-S762 Switch Review Rating


The TRENDnet TEG-S762 is an excellent unmanaged multi-gig switch and one of the most affordable ways to get 10GbE in the home. It is perfect for anyone that has a NAS or home server equipped with a 10GbE port,

  • Features and Performance - 95%
  • Price - 75%


  • The most affordable way to get 10GbE RJ-45 in the US
  • Fanless design allows you to use it anywhere


  • UK price is not quite as cheap as QNAP QSW-2104-2T

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