RuneScape 3

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You’re one of those players who have discovered video games like RuneScape 3 inviting and able to create a real-world as you jump into the fantasy-themed game. Created and published by Jagex in the year 2001, the game serves as one of many online RPGs that fans of magic and fantasy can happily engage themselves with other players from all over the land. The world in which the game takes place, has been created over several years to cater to satisfy those players who truly love fantasy and quest games, and are capable of offering untold hours of enjoyable quests and is what the fans are looking for. Here are a few things that you might not know about RuneScape 3 game.

Originally Developed for a Browser

The game is specially designed for browsers, meaning you can access to this game via your browser by simply signing up your account and logging in to the site. Once you get into the world, you control a character from a third-person perspective to interact with other players from all over the world, together with complete a set objectives to earn gold and then use your RS3 gold to unlock further content as well as items and equipment from the in-game store.

Guinness Book of World Records

With more than 200 million active accounts, the game successfully was selected by the Guinness Book of World Records for having one of the most updated MMORPG games in the world. You should think about that, how up to 200 million players had decided that his game was worth their valuable time and sat on the couch down to experience hours of fun-filled gameplay by making a character and then leading them through an ever-growing network of adventures and epic quests.

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It offers Non-Linear Storyline

Unlike other MMORPGS that have set areas, objectives, and quests to fulfill their requirements, RS3 provides a unique type of gameplay that allows players to experience whatever they want, go wherever they desire and do as many things as possible to improve their characters.

A Location that pits players against each other

While playing the game, sometimes a player might want to go against other players other than what they find in the game. However, going against players in the game can be unpredictable and can assist them in polishing their skills to become the mater. The game introduces a dueling area where players can go head to head against each other to hone their skills.

RuneScape Classic had Shut Down due to errors

RuneScape Classic was released on 4 January 2001, serving as the 2nd version of RuneScape. The game title of the game was replaced with RuneScape 2. Sometime after it’s released, many glitches and bugs were found, becoming evident in the system and the support team simply wasn’t able to seek out the issues, so in the end, it had to be shut down permanently.  

At some point, almost every game has to face technical issues, but is incompatible with the required support is often caused the death.

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