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A scooter is an excellent investment. You may have seen many people traveling with a scooter, but you are not convinced of the convenience of this product. But scooters are an excellent mode of travel because they are light, fast and efficient. The Mosquito, being ultra-portable and fast, is an excellent option for your trips in the urban environment. Do you dare to discover this product?

The Mosquito Scooter: Ultra-Portable and Fast

Do you want a scooter which can serve you in your day to day life, and that does not represent a problem for your comfort? Then the Mosquito, being an ultra-portable and fast scooter is your choice. With a matte black surface, you can have a way to move from one place to another with great elegance and serenity. Also, its size and weight will allow you to take it anywhere or even use it in conjunction with other modes of transport, such as the subway, the train or a bus.

This product can make your life faster and more comfortable. You can use it to travel to work or your university quickly. You can even actually charge your cell phone while on the road. Don’t you think it’s fantastic?

Mosquito stylish electric scooter for adults

Is It Really a Lightweight Scooter?

You may like to ride a bike and think it is a good option. Although its health benefits are undeniable, it may require a physical effort which you cannot always give. Given that, a scooter such as the Mosquito can help you a lot. But have you ever perhaps wondered if it is uncomfortable and awkward to carry?

Only 22 pounds is the weight of this scooter. Yes, 22 pounds. It is very lightweight for a product of such quality. But even so, its other great advantage is in its dimensions, as it is a compact scooter which you can take anywhere. It is a small scooter, with dimensions of 39.4 x 14.7 x 43.7 inches, but when folded, it is reduced even more, as it becomes only 43 x 7.6 x 10.7 inches. Don’t you think it’s incredible? The Mosquito scooter is the lightest weight electric scooter 2019; just a few pounds and a few inches will allow you to move around the city in the best way.

How powerful is this scooter?

Another of the significant doubts which people who are going to buy a scooter have is if it is really powerful. Nobody wants to buy a scooter that is too slow, because, otherwise, you could walk. Also, it is usually a problem if you have to use your scooter on climbs. The Mosquito, being ultra-portable and fast can be beneficial in all these situations.

This scooter has a brushless hub motor of 36V 300W. This capacity offers you hill-climbing torque, which is ideal for uneven terrain. Also, the speed can reach 20 mph, which is very convenient for medium distance journeys. Do you dare to buy one knowing this?

How Long Can I Use It?

You may also have asked yourself, why am I going to buy a scooter if I need to charge its battery all the time? That scenario does not happen with the Mosquito scooter. This is because it has a high-quality lithium-ion LG brand battery. Its capacity is 9.6 Ah, and with that battery, you can travel up to 15 miles in range. That is, you can use your scooter with total comfort for one or several days without having to charge it.

What Other Options Does This Scooter Bring?

One of the best aspects of the Mosquito scooter experience is that it is not just a way of moving comfortably, but it has many features. Some of them refer to its lighting, because it has an LED headlight, in addition to a tail light with battery. It also has an edgeless display which allows you to view the travel data.

One of the aspects which users most like about this scooter is that it is possible to charge a cell phone during your trip. This is because it has a USB charging port. Isn’t that incredibly useful?

How Can This Scooter Help Me in My Day to Day?

Fast travel, quality materials, safety features, and high battery life. All these elements can serve you well if you decide to buy the Mosquito scooter. It is ideal for your urban and suburban routes because it combines the calm which characterizes this scooter with the speed you need.

There are many scooter options which can be adapted to your lifestyle. If you perhaps live in a predominantly rural area, there are a lot of scooters that you can use, to travel greater distances in more challenging terrain. However, for the urban and suburban environment, electric scooters such as the Mosquito are ideal. Do you dare to buy it?

Mosquito foldable electric scooter for adults with rear suspension

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