Technaxx 21W Foldable Solar Charging Case Review by Mighty Gadget

Technaxx is a German company that specialises in a range of consumer technology for cars, security, lifestyle, and multimedia products.

They have a growing range of solar products and portable power stations, and they recently sent me a sample of one of the smaller solar products they manufacture.

This is a 21W solar charger that is designed for mobile devices. It has two USB-A ports with a maximum output of 6 volts and 3 amps.

Technaxx is marketing this towards camping and hiking, and I think it is a handy piece of tech to have in this scenario.

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Features and Specification

  • Foldable, compact design, perfect for hiking, camping and outdoors
  • Fabric cover made of PET material
  • Max. power 21W
  • Max. voltage 6V
  • Current 3 A Max
  • Efficiency >19%
  • Solar panel Monocrystalline solar cell
  • Operating temperature +10°C~+40°C
  • Plug type 2x USB-A (3 A max.)
  • Weight device: 0.75 kg
  • Dimensions device: 20 (81) x 29 x 3 cm


The solar panel is thoughtfully designed. It consists of three panels and a fourth pocket where the USB ports are. It has a folding design that reduces the overall footprint of the panel by fourfold.

There are then four handy attachment points that allow you to strap it to a backpack or secure it in place where ever you may need it.

It weighs just 750g, and with it folded up, it fits easily into my backpack and has a similar sort of dimensions to a folio or clutch bag.

The material is a durable fabric material, and you should be able to safely pack this up into whatever bag you are using and not be too concerned about the panels getting damaged.


Technaxx 21W Foldable Solar Charging Case Review Power bank charging

I reviewed this in April in the north of the UK, which is not the ideal environment to get the best performance from a solar panel. I was lucky that I did manage to get a couple of semi-sunny days.

Technaxx claims the – TX-207 monocrystalline solar cell converts up to 19% of solar energy into free energy with sufficient sunlight, which is better than polycrystalline solar panels in low light conditions.

Competing products typically make claims of 20-25%, but I think a lot of companies are a bit overconfident about the performance of their panels.

During my testing, I set this up in my back garden while I worked out in my garage. My Pixel 6 started off at 58%, and the time was 9:40 am which is not ideal for solar. Twenty minutes later, the phone was at 67%, and the phone seemed to consistently pull around 7.5W.

Technaxx 21W Foldable Solar Charging Case Review Pixel 6 charge speed
Charging the Pixel 6 and testing the power with the YOJOCK J7-C USB-C Tester

I also tested this with the Anker 737 Power Bank, and I was able to get a bit higher with 8.25w (4.84v*1.71a).

The charge speeds seem to be limited because this is using USB-A. The maximum amount of power that the USB Standard allows over normal Type-A is 7.5W, which is 5V at 1.5A. Faster charge speeds require Qualcomm Quick Charging.

Charging two phones together, I was still able to pull 7.5W to the Pixel, and the Honor Magic5 Pro, also took some charge. I didn’t have two power meters to test, but the Honor went from 75% to 82% in about 15 mins.

Price and Alternative Options

[amazon box=”B0BQ34MN54″]

The Technaxx website lists this at €69.99, which seems to be attractively priced but going through the checkout process indicates that they only ship to Germany.

It is listed on, but it is temporarily out of stock. However, the price has been between £56 and £62 recently. have it in stock but lists it at £90.

There is the Green Cell GC SolarCharge that has a built-in 6400 mAh Power Bank, and this has two USB-A ports and a USB-C port, and costs around £67. They don’t state what the output power is, though, but it should be better than the Technaxx, thanks to the USB-C port.

Green Cell GC SolarCharge has a more expensive £110 that has the same 21w panels but a  10000mAh power bank that can do 18W power delivery.

The BigBlue SunPower is just £47 but is only a 14W solar panel, or they have a larger 36W option for around £110, which has a sort of laptop bag design which may be a bit big to carry around for hiking/camping.


The Technaxx TX-207 portable solar charger is a handy piece of charging technology that is priced about right when looking at the competition.

I would have liked a USB-C port that is capable of a higher power output when charging a phone, but 7.5W charging is perfectly acceptable if you are not in a rush and the same speed as most cheap USB-A charging plugs.

I agree that this is an excellent choice for campers and hikers. It would be particularly useful for anyone who camps/hikes for extended periods and could be a life save if you get lost or injured and find yourself without any phone power. I imagine this would be handy for the festival season this summer too.

I have not tested this yet, but I expect this could work well in a car, either keeping your phone charged or, in my case, I want to use it with a power bank to try and keep my Vantrue Element 2 powered for the parking mode.

Technaxx TX-207 21W Portable Solar Charger Review Rating
  • Overall - 75%


The Technaxx TX-207 portable solar charger is a handy piece of charging technology that is priced about right when looking at the competition.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Charge speeds are good enough and can charge two devices at once for better performance


  • No USB-C port
  • Charge speed limited by USB-A standard

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