Withings Body Scan smart scales add handles for ECG & segmented body composition vs Body Cardio

I have long been a fan of the Withings smart scales. Being able to track my weight over months and years significantly helped with my weight loss and then subsequent bulk/cut cycles. I started off with the Body+, which offers a good balance of data and affordability, which is best suited for most users in … Read more

Withings Body Cardio Scale will now give you a Vascular Age to give you a user-friendly view of arterial health based on the cardiovascular index

I have been a fan of Wi-Fi connected smart scales for years; it was an essential tool in my weight loss journey and continues to be useful for weight management. I originally bought on the Withings Body, then Nokia, but last year reviewed the flagship Withings Body Cardio scale. The scale takes things up a … Read more

Withings ScanWatch Hybrid Smartwatch Announced: ECG & sleep breathing disturbance detection in a smart classic style, but with a premium price

I quite like the way Withings have just gone their own direction when it comes to wearables. Most smart/fitness watch brands sync as Fitbit and Honor/Huawei have gone down the road of as much functionality as possible without committing to a full OS like WearOS. These watches are good, but they tend to end up … Read more

Withings BPM Connect Review – Keep track of your blood pressure trend

Following on from my review of the excellent Withings Body Cardio scales, I have also been reviewing the Withings BPM Connect. Covid-19 With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been identified that people overweight are more at risk from the infection. This has led the Government to start a new campaign to help the nation lose … Read more

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scales Review – A vital tool for weight loss with the added benefit of monitoring your heart health

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people seems to have gone one of two ways. Many people have used the lockdown period to take up exercise and start eating healthier (helped by a lack of access to restaurants and pubs). Many others have gained weight and often drunk a lot more than they should … Read more

Withings Pulse HR launched for £119.95 with 20-day battery and connected GPS

After being sold to Nokia, then bought from them a few years later Withings have started to release new products now they are free from Nokia. The Withings Pulse HR is the second device launched since Withings reformed, and, a new addition to their range of health and fitness trackers that features heart rate monitoring, multisport … Read more

It’s official Nokia have sold Withings back to the original owner.

As expected, co-founder Eric Carreel, who sold the business to Nokia just two years ago, has completed the re-acquisition for undisclosed terms, Nokia and Withings announced. Nokia rebranded its Withings division as Nokia Digital Health in February 2017 and shortly after they revamped the Withings app which received a large amount of criticism since then there has not been … Read more

Etekscale Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

Amazon is an excellent source of cheap alternatives to expensive branded smart technology. I particularly love the fitness trackers that use the Very Smart Pro app. Amazon is also a safe way to get cheap Chinese Android phones where you have the backing of Amazon customer service. I thought I would broaden my horizons and … Read more