Withings Black Friday

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Withings have a wide range of deals on from now until the 30th of November. I am quite fond of the Withings product range, the app is better than most and the range of products are a little bit different from all the other fitness and wearable brands out there.

I am a huge fan of their scales, the Body and Body+ represent the best performance for the price on the market, in my opinion, and now they are cheaper.

I personally use the Body Cardio now, and it is excellent, it is cheaper than the new Garmin Scales while offering more functionality through its cardiovascular health tracking

As for the watches, they just do their own thing, which I commend. Withings have the best-looking smartwatches on the market because they keep a traditional dial and slim profile but integrate various health tracking features. Unfortunately, the just-launched Withings ScanWatch is not discounted at present, but all the others are.

To complement the watches and scales, you also have a sleep tracking matt, blood pressure monitors and a smart thermometer. This gives Withings one of the most comprehensive ranges of smart health devices on the market.

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