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Ted Baker is generally associated with their luxury fashion line for Men and Women, but with the growth of the fashion conscious headphone market they are looking to expand.  Priced at £120 on Amazon they are a reasonably price headphone.

As you would expect from a brand like Ted Baker, these are beautiful headphones with brushed stainless steel used for the main construction and faux leather for the ear pads and headband. We think they are some of the classiest looking headphones we have tried, and for us, they are certainly more stylish than any Beats product.

The packaging is as equally stylish, with a nicely presented box, that contains your headphones, a faux leather carry pouch and the detachable headphone cable.

The aluminium housing does make them quite heavy, for us this is a good thing but other people may find them a little uncomfortable. Overall during extended use we found these to be very comfortable, and the ear pieces encased our entire which again improved comfort and also helped block a little bit of background noise.

Interestingly Ted Baker has chosen to make the headphones cable detachable, which is normally a fantastic idea as it reduces the chances of permanently damaging your headphones if you break the cable (which is far too easy). However this cable attaches to both headphones so replacing it if needed will be more difficult, and presumably costly, though it shouldn’t be impossible and will certainly be cheaper than replacing your headphones.

Obviously the most important aspect to any headphone is the sound quality, which is surprisingly good.  We are always a little sceptical about fashion brands jumping on board the headphone bandwagon. The Rockalls have conventional 40mm dynamic drivers, but rather than a bass heavy sound you would typically get from fashion headphones, it feels a lot more balanced.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised with the Ted Baker Audio Rockall headphones, they look fantastic and have a really premium feel about them and we would say the sound quality is above average for headphones in this price range. If you need you headphones to look as good as they sound then we would highly recommend them.

You can currently get the Rockalls on Amazon from £120

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