Ultimate Ears are sub-brand of Logitech after being bought out by them in 2008. Initially, they started out as a custom IEM, and they entered the portable speaker market in 2013 with the UE Boom.

The terribly named Ultimate Ears Megablast is their latest offering and is an IP67 rated portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker with Alexa. So, is this a jack of all trades and a master of none?

The Megablast is the top of the range speaker from UE and therefore commands a premium price tag. On the UE website it is £269.99, but at the moment you can buy it on Amazon for around £210.


The speaker is much larger than any portable speaker or smart speaker I have reviewed, but it is not massive. It is easy enough to carry around for example. It comes with an eclectic range of colour options with mine being a pleasant shade of Blue.

The speaker is cylindrical and clad in rubber which is both attractive and functional. The rubberised material not only helps it achieve an IP67 rating, but it makes it very durable. I have read reports of people dropping it down several steps and it being fine. It didn’t want to test this durability on something so expensive myself. The IP67 rating means that the speaker is fully dustproof and can handle being submerged in water up to 1m.