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In 2014, Withings launched the world’s inaugural hybrid watch. Advancing its domination in the hybrid smartwatch domain, it now introduces the next-gen ScanWatch with two fresh models: ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light. Catering to diverse health and lifestyle preferences, ScanWatch 2 emerges as its premier health-monitoring device, focusing on in-depth health metrics, whereas ScanWatch Light offers comprehensive daily health insights at a competitive price, boasting a captivating design.

The ScanWatch series disrupts the smartwatch industry, presenting a sophisticated alternative to traditional tech-heavy wristwear. These stunning timepieces come equipped with state-of-the-art health tracking technology, ensuring continuous, independent monitoring without the hassle of daily charging.

Withings ScanWatch 2 vs ScanWatch Light Feature Comparison

Feature/SpecificationScanWatch LightScanWatch 2
Price249.95 €349.95 €
Health tracking duration30 days of health tracking30 days of health tracking
Activity trackingActive Minutes, stepsActive Minutes, steps
Sleep trackingSleep quality scoreSleep quality score
WorkoutWorkout HR ZonesWorkout HR Zones
Cardiac exercisesCardiac coherence exercisesCardiac coherence exercises
Temperature tracking24/7 temp trackingOvernight & day temperature tracking
Temperature notificationsTemperature notificationsTemperature zones during workouts
RecoveryRecovery time post workout
Heart health trackingHeart health trackingHeart health tracking
Average heart rateAverage heart rateAverage heart rate
Atrial FibrillationAtrial Fibrillation (via ECG recording)
Irregular heart rhythm notificationsIrregular heart rhythm notifications
Overnight HRVOvernight HRVOvernight HRV
Respiratory insightsRespiratory insightsRespiratory insights
Blood Oxygen levelsBlood Oxygen levels
Breathing disturbances trackingBreathing disturbances trackingBreathing disturbances tracking
Respiratory rateRespiratory rateRespiratory rate
Menstrual Cycle TrackingMenstrual Cycle TrackingMenstrual Cycle Tracking
Tracking locationOn the watchOn the watch
GlassGorilla Glass – 700 VISapphire Glass – 2300 VI
CaseStainless steel case 316LStainless steel case 316L
Battery Life30 Days Battery Life30 Days Battery Life
Water resistance5ATM5ATM
HealthSense SoftwareHealthSense™ Software Gen 3HealthSense™ Software Gen 3
PPG SensorPPG Sensor Gen 2PPG Sensor Gen 3
Dual Temp sensorDual Temp™ sensor
PowerSensePowerSense™ Gen 3PowerSense™M Gen 3

ScanWatch 2: Next-level 24/7 Monitoring

Withings Scanwatch 2

The original ScanWatch received FDA clearance for detecting atrial fibrillation through ECG and gauging SpO2 levels from the wrist, along with several wellness features. The ScanWatch 2, however, elevates the experience, boasting enhanced sensors and software that amplify its health-monitoring prowess. Notably, it includes features like body temperature baseline fluctuations, menstrual cycle tracking, heart rate fluctuations, and the auto-detection of over 40 activities.

Its design ensures uninterrupted health monitoring, day in and day out, backed by a robust 30-day battery life. This makes the ScanWatch 2 an indispensable health companion, offering insights through an elegant, versatile timepiece that complements any ensemble.

ScanWatch 2 42mm Black lifestyle EN

Building on a decade of expertise, ScanWatch 2 stands out in the Withings hybrid watch series. It utilizes advanced sensors such as the TempTech24/7 module for precise temperature tracking and the MultiWave PPG Sensor for improved accuracy. Its enhanced operating system, HealthSenseTM, ensures unparalleled health tracking precision.

With the enhanced HealthSense OS, ScanWatch 2 operates even more efficiently. This includes an optimized battery-saving mode, smart health measurements, and improved on-device interactions. Continuous feature updates ensure users always have a top-tier health experience.

Innovations in Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Withings redefines body temperature monitoring using its TempTech24/7 technology. It uniquely merges miniaturized heat flux sensor technology with high-precision temperature measurements, offering insights into body temperature shifts that may signal potential health issues or physical performance fluctuations.

Empowering Women’s Health

The ScanWatch series introduces the feature for women to seamlessly log menstrual cycles directly on the watch or through the Withings App. This comprehensive approach to health tracking includes logging menstrual phases, symptoms, moods, and more, providing insights and predictions for a tailored monthly routine.

ScanWatch Light: An Accessible Health Ally

Withings ScanWatch Light

The series also presents the ScanWatch Light, a budget-friendly option for those starting their health journey. Echoing the capabilities of the ScanWatch 2, it provides detailed insights into heart health, activity, sleep, and menstrual cycles with an impressive 30-day battery life.

ScanWatch Light Sand rosegold Lifestyle EN

Focused Health Monitoring

Contrary to mainstream smartwatches that focus on multifunctionality, Withings emphasizes health. Its app offers a comprehensive health overview with novel measurements, detailed reports, and motivational insights. Users can even generate individual health reports to share with medical professionals.

Eric Carreel, the founder and President of Withings, remarks, “The new ScanWatches exemplify a harmonious blend of advanced tech with classic design, redefining health monitoring standards. They enable users to effortlessly integrate advanced health tracking into their daily routine.”

Price and Availability

ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) is available now for pre-orders on Withings.com priced at 349.95€/£319,95 with a Silver Black (42mm), silver white (38mm), silver black (38mm) and Rose Gold sand face (38mm) and later on with a silver-white face (42mm) and Rose Gold blue face (38mm). ScanWatch Light, size 37mm, is available on pre-orders on Withings.com, priced at 249.95€/£229,95 with a silver black, silver white, and rose gold sand face and later on with a light blue and light green face. Both models will be widely available from selected retailers from October 2023. Each model features a Retina display and is available with optional coloured wristbands.

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