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It seems like (due to pandemic) things have changed a lot when it comes to home fitness. It’s safe to say for the better. People who love working out have decided they will avoid traditional gyms for a while and focus on creating their own.

And that’s a spectacular idea, especially if you have lots of free space to place all the right equipment. If this idea has just crossed your mind, and you’re not sure what’s necessary for an ideal home gym, you’ve come to the right place because we know exactly what you need!

Items Every Home Gym Must Have

Heavy Kettlebell 

If you want to obtain something that doesn’t require a lot of space, yet that’s going to help you increase your muscle mass, then you should definitely opt for either a heavy kettlebell or a weight. Both of these things are perfect for unilateral work. 

What About Folding Treadmill?

Generally speaking, treadmills are an amazing thing, especially if you’re into running. And at times when you’re not able to go to the gym, it’s a great solution to rely on the one you have at your home.

Now, a lot of people refuse to purchase treadmills due to the lack of space, but luckily, things have drastically changed in the past couple of years when it comes to this. Some smart people have invented a great thing, and it’s called a folding treadmill.

This is something that is a much better option than the classic one. If you’re not sure what it represents and how it works, you can always check out some informative folding treadmill guide to find out more. One of its biggest benefits is the fact that it occupies far less space than the one you use in the gym.

And that’s a great option for anybody who isn’t capable of dedicating an entire room for the equipment. Another advantage of it is the fact that you can easily store it. Just fold it up and there you go, you’ll get lots of empty space again!

What Else Should You Get?

Eleiko XF Bar 20kg

Namely, this barbell is a great solution to practically any bigger home gym. What’s interesting is the fact that the bar weighs twenty kilograms, so it’s perfect for those who are into lighter weight work.

On the other hand, if you’re into heavier, no problem. You can always add more plates and reach almost 1,500 kilograms. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do curls, squats, the bench press, lunges, or deadlifts, if you want something that’s multi-practical then you should definitely acquire this product.

Exercise Mat

Now, here’s something that is surely affordable and that can be placed literally anywhere. Those of you who love practicing yoga know how uncomfortable it can be sitting on the floor, hence, you need to purchase this exercise mat to feel more comfortable. 

It would be recommendable to acquire a thicker mat, especially if you’re exercising on a hard floor.


There are so many things that you can purchase nowadays that will turn your home gym into something spectacular. We just listed a couple of things that are certainly very practical and useful.

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