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I have long been a fan of the Withings smart scales. Being able to track my weight over months and years significantly helped with my weight loss and then subsequent bulk/cut cycles.

I started off with the Body+, which offers a good balance of data and affordability, which is best suited for most users in my opinion.

However, I reviewed the Body Cardio and have continued using it, providing me with a bit more insight into my general heart health and vascular age.

At CES 2022, Withings has expanded the range with a new, more advanced model.

Segmented Body Composition – How much fat and muscle is in your arms body, and legs

Withings Body Scan body composition

The Withings Body Scan adds a retractable handle with four stainless steel electrodes that allows it to measure ECG and segmented body composition.

The body composition includes fat, water, muscle in your arms, legs and torso.

There is some debate over the accuracy of electro impedance body composition measurements, but it is about the best option you have as a home user, unless you are willing to start taking calliper measurements of your skin, and it is the same technology most gyms use.

ECG measurements that are more accurate than a smartwatch

Withings Body Scan ecg

The new handles also allow the scales to provide ECG measurements, which have become quite popular with wearables in the past few years. This measurement can detect heart arrhythmias via two sets of electrodes on each side of the handle and one within the base of the sale. With this design, it should offer superior accuracy compared to smartwatches.

Like many ECG capable wearables, you don’t have to understand the graphs it produces, the scales use an algorithm to detect heart patterns associated with atrial fibrillation, showing the results on the display or Withings’ Health Mate app.

Monitoring nerve activity

The Body Cardio introduce two unique features, Pulse Wave Velocity and using that data, Vascular Age.

They have introduced another new feature with the Body Scan. It can assess nerve activity by tracking sweat gland activity in the feet (sudomotor function) using a small direct current via the electrodes located in the plate. Impaired function in that regard could show signs of degeneration of small nerve fibres, something that can be corrected with regular activity and a healthy diet.

Other upgrades

I can’t remember how often I charge my Body Cardio, I am sure I have only charged it once since my review, but the new scales provide a year between charges compared to 9 months of the older model.

There is also a new larger, higher-resolution 3.2-inch LCD colour display to provide more feedback on the device itself.

Withings also claim these are twice as accurate as the old scales with an accuracy of 50g.

Subscription Service

Withings will also be introducing a subscription services. It sounds like this should be optional rather than walling off features.

It will allow users to connect with medical specialists for advice and consultation while providing clinical teams with data in real-time. You will also be offered personalised health plans and videos to help improve things like nutrition, stress and sleep.

Price and Availability

The Withings Body Scan is expected to be available in the second half of the year. This long wait appears to be due to them requiring FDA clearance (in the US) due to the nature of the product.

It is expected to cost $300, which is $100 more than the launch price of the  Body Cardio.

In the UK, the Body Cardio has an RRP of £130 and is currently available for just £104

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