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Ark: Survival Evolved became popular following the large YouTube frenzy with some very popular gamers. And like most games, Ark’s multiplayer server hosting community has become extremely popular.

Forums and Steam communities have become raided with ‘What’s The best Ark server hosting Provider’ – And we’re here to answer that.

The popular game boosts 160,000 players a day as well as 9 million players within 6 months of launch.

What Is Ark: Survival Evolved?

The 2017 action / adventure video game, Ark: Survival Evolved, produced in partnership with Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games, Efect Studios and Virtual Basement. In the game, players must survive on an island full of wandering dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, natural threats and even harsh human players.

The game is played from a third or a first person point of view and its open environment is played by a primitive animal or by foot. Players are able to protect themselves against harbour human beings and animals using firearmes and improvised weapons with the ability to build bases on the ground and on some beings as protection. The game has options for both single and multiplayer.

Multiplayer helps you to render members’ tribes on a server. — server has a maximum number of tribe matches. In this style, the members are usually shared among all tamed dinosaurs and construction structures. The PvE mode exists in which players can’t fight.

What Are Servers? How Do I Create A Server: How To Set Up An Ark Server For Free

ark survival evolved 2

Like Rust, Terraria, Space Engineers and ARMA 3, Ark: Survival Evolved has a multiplayer variant which is more popular than the standard single player gamemode, and hundreds of game hosting providers are now supporting ARK as a server option.

Like Minecraft and Garry’s mod, you can set up a server called ‘IP Hosting’ or peer-to-peer hosting, it’s generally quite easy to do this, there’s hundreds of tutorials on YouTube, but generally there’s a lot of disadvantages to doing this.

One disadvantage is performance, due to most internet speeds being way below average and if you’re wanting to host more than your friends, you’ll need your computer on 24/7.

How To Determine The Best Ark Server Hosting Provider?

Well, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a hosting provider for Ark, some want huge performance and large slots space, but some want a server for them and their friends to play on.

Many comparison sites that list the best hosting providers for Ark feature prices per slot or per gigabyte, with special features alongside this.

Here are some features that lots of players look out for when choosing their favorite best ark server hosting provider:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Control panel
  • Customer Service
  • Modifications & Plugins
  • DDoS Protection & Security

Lots of players look at price as an aspect, whereas value for money should be looked at closely.

Conclusion – What’s The Best Ark Host?

All in all, we’ve seen Survival Servers, Host Havoc and GameServers as great hosting providers for Ark for a multiude of reasons, like performance, custom control panels, server locations and some other reasons that players often look for.

Make sure you check out one of the comparison sites for game hosting!

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