Inofia Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Review – A better alternative to a blow-up mattress

My previous mattress reviews have been for king-sized memory foam mattresses as part of my never-ending quest to improve my sleep which would also improve my health and fitness. The Inofia is a guest mattress that works as an alternative to a blow-up mattress or one of those ugly old fashioned folding beds. I had … Read more

What is the best bed in a box mattress for 2021? Simba vs Nectar vs Eve

Update for November 2021 – Black Friday 2021 Offers I have also updated review counts, scores and pricing. Trust pilot have switched the scoring system to out of 5 to match their stars Black Friday offers are now live with £125 off Nectar, up to 35% off with Simba and 35% off Emma While mattresses … Read more

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review – 365-day trial and lifetime warranty -Nectar Sleep UK

This review was originally posted on 26th January 2019 but has now been updated on the 20th of May 2020 to reflect over a years worth of use On my never-ending quest to improve my sleep quality, I have been reviewing several mattresses recently. Last month I had the Simba which I found to be … Read more

Ely Mattress – an affordable eco-friendly all-natural mattress with a 30-day trial & 30% off for Black Friday

While not exactly tech or a gadget, I have covered mattresses quite a bit on this site, good sleep is an essential part of your health and overall fitness and will have a far superior benefit than buying the latest sports watch. I have previously focussed a lot on memory foam mattresses, they tend to … Read more

Black Friday Memory Foam Mattress Deals – Massive savings to be had on superb mattresses

I have reviewed several memory foam mattresses now during my quest to improve the quality of my sleep and with Black Friday near, many companies have started their sales. So what are the best offers available right now? Nectar Memory Foam Mattress II reviewed the Nectar memory foam mattress back in January and I still … Read more

Mattress Comparison: Otty vs Emma vs Eve

Are you looking for a mattress upgrade? Sick of your old cheap lumpy pocket sprung? Odds are that you are considering a memory foam mattress, the bed in a box industry and boomed in recent years and there are now more choices than ever. What makes them different, though? Are they all just the same? … Read more

Simba vs Emma vs Casper vs Leesa – A memory foam mattress comparison

The bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress industry has taken the world of mattresses by storm. Initially dominated by Tempur and their costly options, dozens of new companies have sprung up offering memory foam mattresses that are considerably more affordable. Apart from the comfort that memory foam offers, the big selling point of these mattresses has been … Read more

The best mattress with long trial periods including pocket spring and latex

[Original post 20-December-2018] [Updated 25-September-2019] Refreshed the content, Nectar would now also be my first choice of memory foam.  We (should) spend a third of our lives in bed so investing in a good mattress will pay dividends for many years to come. With the development of memory foam, there has been a massive boom … Read more

Eve & Mattress Apps Worth Knowing About

Sleep trackers, also known as mattress apps, are mobile applications designed to analyze sleep habits and help improve the quality of sleep. People from across the globe are struggling with sleepless nights, which triggered an upsurge in the development of various sleep monitoring apps. There are numerous sleep tracking apps available for the iOS and … Read more

Best Mattress Gadgets to Own: Simba Tips

The National Sleep Foundation states that 45% of Americans are suffering from insufficient sleep or poor-quality sleep. Such dramatic statistics have raised awareness on the adverse effects of not getting enough quality sleep and have driven people to look for solutions that could help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and even monitor their … Read more

Rem Fit Sleep 400 Mattress Review

Mattresses are not the normal thing I review on Mighty Gadget, but US based company Rem Fit are launching in the UK, and their Rem Fit products cover both traditional bedding as well as some smart tech such as a sleep tracker to form a range of products to promote a healthy lifestyle. I have … Read more