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[Original post 20-December-2018]

[Updated 25-September-2019] Refreshed the content, Nectar would now also be my first choice of memory foam. 

We (should) spend a third of our lives in bed so investing in a good mattress will pay dividends for many years to come. With the development of memory foam, there has been a massive boom in low-cost, high-quality mattresses available.

Tempur may have started the trend, but the high prices limited access to many potential users. There are now multiple companies offering memory foam mattresses for around 25% of the cost of Tempur. Popular brands include Casper, Leesa, or the Rem Fit Sleep 400 that I have previously reviewed.

Memory Foam is an excellent option for a large number of sleepers but is not always the perfect option. For example, for me, I am a very hot sleeper, memory foam is not very breathable and absorbs your heat and be quite uncomfortable.

Memory foam manufactures address this issue by implementing things such as gel layers which are supposed to help cool you down, but in my experience, I still sleep very hot. During the summer month I can’t have any sheet on me at all, and when it cools down I only have a thin one

For cases such as myself, you will often have to look into other options, going back to old-fashioned pocket spring mattresses allows for a lot more breathability and retains considerably less heat. Alternatively, if you like the feel of memory foam but can’t handle the heat, latex mattresses are a great alternative option. This type of mattress has vertical channels that allow air to permeate through it and cool you down. Latex is also hypoallergenic to is an excellent choice for anyone that suffers from allergies.

Memory foam companies often offer long trial periods allowing you to decide if the mattress is a good choice for you, this is a fantastic idea, but sadly not as common with other mattress types. With Latex and Pocket Spring being so heavy and awkward to deliver, as well as more expensive to manufacture, it is often difficult for a company to provide a long generous return period.

On my journey to improve my health and quality of life I have researched many of the available options for all mattress types. Due to the potentially enormous cost, and the amount of time you spend in bed, I have looked for options with generous return/trials so you don’t have to worry too much about spending hundreds on something then being stuck with it for years to come.

After reviewing both the Simba Mattress and Nectar, even if you are a hot sleeper, I would say these should be the top of your list to try out. Both mattresses are well priced for what you get, you should definitely check for a Nectar mattress coupon, and if things work out you get an amazing one, if not, you can return it and consider another style.

I’d personally opt for the Nectar, purely for its longer trial and better warranty, it is perhaps a tad firmer, but there is not much difference in it. 

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Memory Foam

There are so many companies doing memory foam it is hard to choose the best. If you get one with a 3-month trial period, you can’t really go wrong.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

nectar memory foam 1

Most recently I have reviewed the Nectar memory foam mattress and found it to be just as good as the Simba, although a touch firmer. However what makes Nectar stand out from the pack is the 365-night trial, giving you a full year to make sure you like it, this is then complemented with a lifetime warranty making this the best trial and warranty option on the market.

Currently, the king size is £699 which also includes two free memory foam pillows


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Leesa is one of the many vacuum-packed internet companies that have sprung up; they have favourable reviews and a 100-night sleep trial. A UK king is £699 so not the cheapest option, but they do currently have £120 off.

They address the issue of heat with a top 5cm layer of foam which has channels running under it and holes along the top to provide airflow.


chrome 2018 08 17 07 02 20

Another new UK brand that has become popular for vacuum packed mattresses is Casper, this is priced a little less than Leesa at £650 for a king, and there is currently 15% off making that £552. Just the same as Leesa you get a 100-night trial.

They address heat by using an open-cell top layer sleeps cool and provides a bounce.


Simba Mattress

I have recently reviewed the Simba mattress and found it to be excellent, I prefer it to the previous Rem Fit I reviewed, and also prefer it to the Soak&Sleep latex and pocket spring I am also reviewing. In the UK at least, Simba easily has the most reviews of any of the trial based companies so I think this should be top of your list when trying any bed in a box mattress which includes all these hybrid designs and the above memory foam ones.

A kind costs £699 so sit around the same price as the other options.

simba mattress review 4


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Emma, another internet mattress company following the same naming principle as the others, has 2 different mattresses, the original or a hybrid.

As the name suggests, this uses multiple mattress technologies including up to 2000 individual conical pocket springs optimised to balance out pressure disparities and provide the precise support your body needs.

The pocket springs should help with heat regulation and they also add a gel layer above this followed by a special climate fibre that regulates humidity.

A king costs £749 there is no discount with this option, but you could pick up the original for £524 with a 25% discount. Both mattresses have the option for a 100-day trial.

Pocket Spring

This is where things start to get a bit more difficult; companies are less eager to do trials and prices can start getting a little crazy. While the prices can be high don’t forget you will be spending more time on your mattress than in your car, which you will likely spend many thousands on.

Button & Sprung

chrome 2018 08 17 07 46 33

This company has 100-night free returns and the cheapest king sized is £595 which uses 3,300 springs. If you were to go up a couple of notches and get the Galway model that uses 5,800 springs you will be spending £999.


chrome 2018 08 17 07 47 15

A more affordable option is loaf that has multiple options starting at 1400 pocket springs for a very reasonable £595. The 2,200 pocket spring option goes up to £945.

This company also offers a 100-night trial, but you get a lower guarantee on spring mattresses of 5 years compared to all the others.


lyndhurst 2000 productpage carousel 2 desktop 2

Handmade in Hampshire the 2,000 spring Lyndhurst is a reasonable £799 and comes with a 100-night trail. The only downside is the 5-year guarantee but this is standard with spring mattresses

John Ryan by Design

chrome 2018 08 17 07 01 17

John Ryan by Design has a wide range of mattresses that fit many budgets, they don’t offer the same 100-day trial as others but have a 60-day return policy which should be enough.

Their most basic option is a 1000-spring design and only includes a 2 year guarantee, but it is just £525

They have an Artisan range which starts at £965 and increases the spring to 1500 plus the guarantee to 5 years. The unique feature about this option is the possibility to set the tension for either side, accommodating couples with different preferences.


Pocket Spring mattresses are probably the option with the maximum potential price, with some going up to several thousand. Latex is the one with the highest starting costs. You can get natural or synthetic latex, and then there is Talalay or Dunlop latex, this is just the method they are produced. Dunlop is supposed to be superior, but most people won’t notice, Talalay is a softer latex while Dunlop is firmer

Latex Sense

superdeluxe latex mattress 10

Latex Sense is currently the only option I can find offering a trial, and they win with a 105-day option. John Ryan by Design do latex too, but they don’t have stock available at the time of checking.

The cheapest King size option I can find with Latex Sense is the Standard Latex Mattress which has 20cm 100% latex mattress made with 20% natural and 80% synthetic latex and removable Coolmax 3D cover.

The above mattress has a 10-year guarantee but if you go up in price a little to the Super Comfort which is a 16cm 100% natural Dunlop latex mattress with the removable Bamboo cover you get 15 years guarantee and this costs £695


Memory foam offers excellent comfort and a reasonable price point, but I wouldn’t rule out other options. Memory foam has become so popular because it is cheap to make and therefore more profitable, for many people investing in a good pocket spring or latex mattress could provide better results

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