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Mattresses are not the normal thing I review on Mighty Gadget, but US based company Rem Fit are launching in the UK, and their Rem Fit products cover both traditional bedding as well as some smart tech such as a sleep tracker to form a range of products to promote a healthy lifestyle.

I have recently reviewed the Simba Mattress which I think is an excellent alternative worth looking at.

I have split the review of the mattress and tracker into two, as I don’t want to dilute the tracking content with the mattress content.

The Rem Fit Sleep 400 Mattress is the flagship mattress from the company and has:

  • Cover: Re-Ax Fibre Cover

The thermo-regulating fibre is knitted for a fully breathable fabric structure which is completely hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin or allergy sufferers.

  • Top Layer: Infused Cool Gel Memory Foam Layer (5cm)

A deep layer of infused cool gel memory foam regulates your body’s temperature as you sleep while providing restorative pressure relieving comfort.

  • Second Layer: Mediflex Foam Core (2cm)

Adapts to your sleeping position and provides excellent lower and upper back support.

  • Third Layer -Part 1: 1000-REM Pocket Spring System (14 CM)

1,000 individually pocketed interactive springs produce a perfectly balanced tension. Sleep peacefully without being disturbed by your partner’s movements; each spring responds independently to prevent roll-together.

  • Third Layer -Part 2: Foam Encapsulation – for side strength (height 14cm width 10cm)

Foam encapsulated side walls deliver strong edge-to-edge support, allowing you to sleep tight to the edge while ensuring a consistent tension is kept across the entire surface of the mattress.

  • Fourth Layer: Rem Fit Core Base Foam (4cm) Some highlights of the technology used in the mattress include:

A thick foam layer forms a solid foundation and provides a strong base to support the entire mattress and its sleepers – built to withstand the test of time!

You also get a 25-year warranty, a 60-sleep night guarantee and free delivery.

While I am not a mattress expert, I do know a little about them as I have recently been looking at investing in one in an attempt to improve my sleep, so this review has landed at the perfect time.

Foam mattresses have boomed in popularity in recent years they offer some of the best consumer satisfaction ratings, and from what I can gather they are (comparatively) cheap to produce and distribute. Unlike a spring mattress with all sorts of components, a foam mattress has 2 or 3 layers of foam, all of which can be compressed and rolled up into a reasonably small and lightweight package for distribution.

This is obviously a win for both the consumer and business. My Rem Fit mattress was delivered in a box that comfortably fitted through my door, and once unpacked from the box I comfortably managed to throw it on my shoulder and take it to the bedroom. This would not be possible with my old mattress. You then need to open it up with the included device and let it expand. It is quite freaky how much it does expand, and then results in a nice plump mattress.

The reason for customer satisfaction is that memory foam has a high comfort level. The heat from your body causes the foam to mould to your body providing support, distributing your weight and minimising pressure points. Due to the foam nature of the product, they are also very good at motion isolation and noise reduction. So, in general, you won’t bother your partner too much when you move around.

There are some issues related to memory foam, though. The main problem being the fact your heat affects the foam means it is also retained in the foam, can make it very warm in bed, and not ideal for people that suffer from being too hot.

In regards to the Rem Fit Sleep 400, they have addressed this issue somewhat by using a gel-infused foam adapts to your body’s temperature dissipating the heat for a cooler night sleep.

I have only had a chance to use the mattress for a few days, so it maybe too early to give a definitive review, but so far, I have enjoyed the Rem Fit, certainly compared to my old pocket sprung.

Getting in it is weird, there is no noise or bounciness, you don’t sink, but it is pleasantly soft.

Overall comfort is vastly improved even after an hour when the foam has warmed up, you don’t feel like you have sunk into it a lot, and at the same time, it is not overly firm.

We have had a few cold nights recently, and I do prefer my room colder. However, I made the mistake of putting another sheet on top of the bed to start as it was freezing in my bedroom. It turned out the heat retentions issues do exist and was forced to just have my duvet half way through the night. I am a very hot sleeper, though, and with just a duvet I was fine.

My sleep is quite bad, and I will typically wake up fully several times in the night, and end up getting up to go to the toilet when I do. I am still waking up, but I would say only once or twice during the night now, which is a significant improvement for me.

It is still too early to tell, but the last few days I have felt much better during the day, my routine hasn’t changed much apart from the improved sleep, which is still rubbish according to the following Rem Fit sleep tracking review.

Priced at £699 for a king size with free next day delivery, a 60-night trial and a sleep monitor included you are getting a well-specced memory foam mattress for around the same price as competing brands but with a £150 sleep monitor. This seems like a pretty good deal to me.

You can buy the mattress and sleep tracker today from the Rem Fit Website.

The Rem Fit Mattress is available here.

The Monitor is available here.


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